‘Second Wave?’ Think Micro-Wave

“Between 1949 and 1962 everything we needed to know about microwaves was already known. All interference of the human condition was known by 1952. All birth defects, organs, cells, brain functions and moods could be entered, changed and destroyed. Microwaves were used then, as now, as stealth weapons, before they became cell phones.”

These are the words of Barrie Trower, ex Royal Navy microwave weapons expert, spoken at Exeter University in February 2020. I will be quoting him again later.

A ‘stealth weapon’ delivers unseen poisoned arrows, and as Barrie Trower informs us, arrows which modify, maim and murder. Such a tool, in the hands of billions of human beings has the capacity to achieve its ends via a very cunning form of stealth, since unlike food poisoning, material pollutants or bullets, it leaves very little trace within the bodies of those at its receiving end.

In fact, just like the microwave oven, it cooks living matter from the inside out rather than from the outside in as normal cooking does. This renders the food poisonous to the human gut.

Now, what we have gathered from the more learned and lateral thinking doctors and scientists engaged in examining Covid-19 symptoms, is that a virus (Covid-19 has been termed ‘a virus’) under attack behaves similarly. In it’s effort to purify itself from aggressive pathogens it releases what are known as ‘exosomes’, a kind of mucus like fluid that poisons the invader.

These same doctors state that a virus cannot ‘pass’ between people or animals. Only some form of pathogen can do that. After the infamous Spanish flu epidemic that killed millions of Europeans in 1918, efforts were made to isolate the causative agent. It was widely assumed by the medical profession that the vehicle must be something that passes freely between humans. So they got infected people to sneeze into the faces of uninfected people as well as passing saliva from infected to uninfected animals.

The outcome was a shock – none of the uninfected people or animals developed the flu or displayed any symptoms associated with it. Thousands were involved in this research.

The Spanish flu was labelled a form of Coronavirus, yet unlike its Corona cousins that are responsible for the classic winter flu cycles, it could not infect via human contacts or close proximity. Some unseen ‘stealth’ factor appears to have played a key role in causing the respiratory and feverish sickness that led to the demise of so many in 1918.

But there was something that fits such a description which was unleashed on the world at just that time and which is described as ‘a quantum leap in electrification’. Rudolf Steiner declared that after this event “It became much harder to be human”.

Further surges in viral sicknesses occurred upon the introduction of military radar during World War Two. And now we arrive at yet another critical mass expansion of microwave radiation technologies: the launching into space of an ever growing number of 5G microwave radiating satellites c/o the multi billionaire megalomaniac Elon Musk.
The ground based expansion of 5G transmitters will be eclipsed by the sheer scale of Musk’s mad dreams (and our nightmares). Already more than four hundred irradiating 5G satellites are causing high levels of disruption to the ionosphere where they are being placed in orbit.

The ionosphere, as explained by Arthur Fairstenberg, author of The Invisible Rainbow, is the source point of the electric circuit which supplies all life on Earth with its cyclic dynamic energy. It is a highly delicate mechanism and zapping it with foreign modulated radiation has the capacity to completely destabilise the natural harmonic energy scales that flow from the ionosphere to Earth and then, via lightning storms, cycle back to where they started in the ionosphere.

The murdering Mr Musk wants to get twenty thousand of these weapons into the ionosphere over the next 2/3 years “so that every square inch of the Earth can be covered.” Let’s not beat around the bush, this is a central surveillance operation and catalyst for the demise of life on Earth, combined.

We are now in the summer months of 2020. The CV-19 scam which was launched at the turn of the year, brought with it a spate of deception, lies and confusions like no other single event has ever achieved. Amidst the cacophony of hype, false statistics, futile masks and senseless social distancing, some 0.26% of the world population supposedly died from Covid-19.

The figures tied-in almost perfectly with the normal annual winter flu deaths. Those whose lives were saved, suffered from something that has never been scientifically proven to be a Covid-19 virus.

The cause of these people’s sickness has never been identified or isolated. This is why the planned ‘vaccine’ is not going to do what it will be described as doing. It will not protect, but instead will make all receivers more susceptible to all illnesses as well as direct objects of control.

So that leads us on to the next card in the Corona pushers pack: ‘the second wave’. If the central control system is to keep the Covid fear factor from waning – and it is waning at this time – then they must get the ‘second wave’ onto everybody’s mind with the minimum of delay.

An increasingly sceptical public is going to need stronger evidence of something nasty happening than they got with the ‘first wave’. The authorities know this, and they know they have the stealth weapon at their disposal as the perfect foil for a second unexplainable wave of sickness to become manifest. Enough of an alarm to get home imprisonment ‘lock down’, or something similar, back on the agenda once again.

Something that enables the agents of control to keep a tight command over the behaviour patterns of the populus, thereby keeping the momentum moving in the direction of the cybernetic New World Order planetary control system which is the ultimate ambition of the hidden perpetrators behind this grand deception.

Let’s go back to Barrie Trower

“In 1965 I already had a military cell phone. It was seen as a potentially very lucrative market for the public. It was recognised by most countries, that because of the dangers involved, cell phones would not be allowed therefore they would have to adopt the Schwan 1953 short term ‘six minutes heating only test’.” This test is still being tried-on by INCIRP today. It is a totally inappropriate test for long term non-ionising forms of radiation and states ‘if the body is not heated-up within six minutes use of a cell phone it is perfectly safe’.

Trower continues “5G first appeared on the scene in 1972. In 1971, US top secret papers proved cancer to be caused by low level microwave radiation and in 1973 the World Health Organisation held a conference in Warsaw. The 350 page paper that emerged out of that event documented microwave transmissions as being directly linked to cancer in ordinary people. The document was stamped ‘Top Secret’ and never released.”

To day the secrecy remains. It is now ‘top secret’ that 5G (and quite possibly 4G+) is a significant causative agent in the respiratory sickness being tagged Covid-19. Scientific evidence has emerged showing that 5G sucks oxygen out of the air as well as the corpuscles of the blood. Online articles linking 5G to Coronavirus are being almost instantly black-listed.

The next ‘great pandemic’, if enough of us don’t speak-up to prevent it being perpetrated on society, will be a 5G satellite attack on all life on Earth. But it will go under the title ‘The Second Coronavirus Wave’. No one will admit that ‘the micro-wave’ is ‘the second wave’. A 5G second wave.

Don’t run and hide; it won’t be possible anyway. Extract yourself from microwave victimhood. Cease supporting the weapons industry and give the world the chance to live and breathe, not to endure slow suffocation under a blanket of killer radiation.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and teacher. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly prescient reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info

Children in Sadistic Covid Captivity

Of all the depressing sights witnessed during this insane process of Covid home imprisonment, stupid social distancing and mask madness, the regimentation of children into predesignated playground /classroom ‘chalked-off zones’ is the one I find the most blood chilling.

There are a number of factors about this Covid-19 event that stand-out. Firstly, that it is an entirely fake event. Secondly, that it is utterly manipulative . And thirdly, that it reflects an essentially anti-life agenda using fear as its predominant tool of repression.

That may seem like a pretty brutal assessment of CV-19, but one cannot go on to speak about the way children have become a sacrificial element in this nightmarish agenda without first revealing the sheer manipulative audacity of the entire Covid master plan.

While the situation is slowly changing, the underlying psychology of ‘obedience to the rules’ is not.
This obedience has been taken to a new low as many schools and kindergartens have tried to apply the social distancing regulation to young school children. This has taken the form of chalking out two metre spaced circles or squares on the classroom and playground floor and ordering children to stay in them.

Young children have been told to sit or stand alone in what amount to individually tailored exclusion zones and psychological prisons. Children, medical advisers say, who are not even at any risk from catching CV-19.

Nevertheless, there they are, sitting with sad faces as the politically correct mask clad teacher gives them their daily school instructions. The misery on the faces of these children deeply expresses the sense of horror surrounding the entire operation. A child instantly recognises a lie and exhibits the appropriate reaction.

Under what kind of extreme conditions might such a regulation be considered supportive of the health and welfare of children? I can think of no situation, however potentially serious, in which innocent young boys and girls should be treated with such sickening disdain and lack of humanity. To do it even when there is no valid case for taking such a step, is truly shocking to behold and should be categorized as a criminal action.

At the beginning and end of the school day, parents must ‘deliver’ their child through the school gate or door – keeping distance – with the teacher not being allowed to touch the child. Such are the instructions coming down from some perverted ‘leaders’ at the World Health Organisation – and then blindly followed by government officials, teachers and parents. It is ‘sanitary preparation’ for life in the sterile ‘smart cities’ that are just around the corner, if the same people retain control over the daily workings of this world.

The second Covid nightmare scenario to have been imposed on school children, and parents, is ‘e-education’. Sticking children behind computers for hours on end is never recommended, for obvious health reasons. But that is what is called-for in ‘e-education’, in which parents are also forced to be complicit by being instructed to take over the role of teacher ‘in the home’.

The tools of this trade comprise pre-designated ‘e’ tech software programmes that are essentially agents of stereotype mind control. To grow up healthy, a child needs the pleasurable interaction with other children – not sitting alone behind a flickering screen having their heads loaded with state education programming. What a shockingly heartless way to conduct the learning process!

Technology gives the illusion of providing a means to an end, and is often associated with acquiring ‘freedom’. More accurately, the acquisition of more and more technology is a road to slavery. The technology traps its users into dependency on a virtual reality world, while the real world is ignored or categorized as boring. A sure receipt for impaired mental stability.

What actually is going on here?

It all starts with the education system itself. The verb ‘to educate’ comes from the Latin ‘e-ducare’ meaning ‘to lead out from’. Now ‘to lead out from’ is very different than ‘to push into’, which is the format imposed by formal education having the ambition to brainwash the pupil into accepting ‘verbatim’ a whole lot of facts about that which is deemed necessary in order to eventually get a job and make money.

Contrast this with the idea of ‘leading out from’. Something which exists in all children is creative potential – in bucket loads. Drawing this creativity out – and thereby opening up the genius which lies at the heart of all innocent hearts and minds – is the true role of the teacher. One way closes down the life force and the other opens it up.

But if you do decide to go with ‘e-ducare’ you are not going to find it in the formal school programmes that have been designed and set under government supervision with the purpose of ensuring the next generation conform to exactly the same patters of thinking, behaving and conforming as the current and previous ones.

Or, to put it more bluntly, to ensure that people remain slaves to ‘the system’ whose controller’s ambition is to keep as many as possible in a state of hypnosis, unable to use their abilities for anything other than furthering the various facets of a dying status quo.

There are some exceptions to this standard dumbing down orthodoxy. For example, Rudolph Steiner’s anthroposophic teaching method for primary and secondary school ages, and Maria Montessori’s creative behavioural encouragement in young children. There are other experimental schools in existence, as well as the possibilities of teaching from home, but that still has to conform to the state programme.

The sight of depressed children being manipulated to sit quietly in their chalked out separate boxes for fear of infringing ‘the law’ would never be possible if our education system as a whole didn’t already start from this same position of fundamental suppression of the life force. A suppression resulting from its abject failure to follow the guidelines implicit in the origins of its name.

Children are the bright lights of pure spirit. Behind their deep and beautiful eyes lies a whole new future for the human race. A true teacher recognises the presence of a stream of vivid imagination and helps it emerge; nurturing its formation into evolving channels of creative/artistic expression.

This is a vocation of the highest merit. Like handling an infinitely precious gem stone. And because of what this gem might reveal, one must be humble enough to realise one is ultimately, during the ongoing development of this relationship, likely to land-up as the pupil.

In building the New Society that must emerge out of the debris of this calamitous civilisation, the way we treat children will emerge as a critical factor in setting the standard for all that follows.

There is a child at the centre of every one of us; if one is in doubt about the way to treat it, one is in doubt about one’s purpose for living.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and teacher. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly prescient reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info

The People Will Rise

“We are done with fake democracy and undisguised top-down exploitation”

There is only one solution for the insane mess that goes under the name of ‘democracy’ to day, and that is to return to human scale largely self governing communities.

This was the great cry that went up in 1381 as the farmer revolutionary Wat Tyler jumped up onto a hay cart to denounce the despotic power mongering of the barons operating under the mantle of King Richard II. It was the pronouncement that sparked the ‘peasants revolt’.

Wat and his loyal army of peasants struck a highly resonant chord amongst the down-trodden countryside community of that time. Communities forced to pay poverty inducing tithes to the despotic barons while struggling to feed their families on the meagre acreage accorded to them.

If that sounds familiar, it’s hardly surprising. Just substitute ‘government’ for barons and ‘taxation’ for tithes and one immediately sees how the top down grip over working people has failed to change over the past six hundred or so years.

Keeping that fact in mind, now add the more recent historical advent of big banking, big pharma, monopolised media, global surveillance systems, the military industrial complex and the political/corporate centralisation of power – and you will have in front of you the main new tools of oppression we are faced with today.

The tools may be different but the repression is the same. What is missing is the revolt.

Now when one stops to really consider this situation, we are ready for such a revolt. We are done with fake democracy and undisguised top-down exploitation. The fact that it is tolerated is more a reflection of a lethargic and lack-lustre state of mind, than the fact that to be a slave is a tolerable condition. It isn’t and will never be.

There is an earthy, honest element within the family of man, that has not given-in to the seduction of ‘convenience’ and the shallow narcissistic materialism on display to day. There is an element capable of recognising that, thanks to the increasingly despotic powers of central control, centuries of hard fought gains in justice and dignity now hang by a perilous thread.

Some inspired counterforce needs to rise-up to reinstate them. A Wat Tyler; a people’s revolt; the revival of truth over the lie.

England is a country with a reputation for standing-up for the rights of the individual. For freedom.
So where are these qualities hiding today?

In 2020, with this country half way out of the vampiric clutches of the European Union and half way through a grim story of government imposed home imprisonment, insane ‘social distancing, mad masks and the promise of a completely useless CV-19 testing programme – what are the prospects for the future of the good people of this notorious island?

How can the citizens of 21st century Britain break free?

Wat Tyler is our clue “England should be a nation of self governing communities” declared Tyler as the answer to the relentless top down repression exerted by the arrogant barons.

The peasants revolt, fought with pitchforks, machetes and whatever other weapons could be fashioned out of farmyard tools, took on their oppressors and gave them a good hiding, until the farmer’s hero was publicly knifed in the back in front of the crowd at Smithfield in London, while meeting in open air debate with King Richard II, to negotiate the future of the farming community he had so bravely led out of slavery.

There is unfinished business to be addressed here. Too many times the tyrannical forces of Westminster have pretended to negotiate a better deal for the electorate they are supposed to represent. Too many times they have deceived and betrayed their constituents. Too many times they have sold-out to the forces of greed, power and arrogance. Too many times.

We have now arrived at the point of no return. The madmen and women of Westminster are mocking their electorate with complete disdain. Disdain for the basic needs and rights of all citizens. They are marionettes of the swingeing banking moguls corporate giants and multi billionaire families who between them dictate the agenda for the greater part of the world. The man on the street and in the field is simply a pawn in a calculated, preplanned attempt to enslave humanity.

It’s past time to follow Wat’s proclamation. It’s time to break-out of the centralised control system once and for all and to re-establish ourselves in human scale communities, with human scale technologies and human scale farming practices.

We need to ditch government and become “self governing” so as to run our own lives on our own terms and at our own discretion.

Destiny beckons. The people will rise!

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and teacher. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly prescient reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info

Breaking the Paralysis of Servitude

It has become abundantly clear that ‘we the people’ are being subjected to a divisive and derisive ‘leadership’ pantomime of truly global proportions and we cannot any longer simply hope some sanity will emerge to change this situation.

Stand back for a moment and admire the view. Politicians, civil servants, billionaires, bankers, telecom chiefs, pharmaceutical CEO’s – you name them – are all acting as though the standard procedures of responsibility and the rule of law have been abandoned and anyone wearing a suit or uniform – and displaying an air of importance – can now step in and make up the rules as they go along.

The Covid Contrivance has provided the necessary fear cover to enable Satanic forces to declare an open day. Behaviour patterns are being ‘directed’ through the application of behavioural psychology, social engineering and undisguised indoctrination procedures. The net affect is that people can receive completely contradictory information communicated by some ‘figurehead’ and yet remain transfixed by his/her instructions and carry them out – with barely any need for coercion.

It is a process of mass hypnosis which is keeping this demonic show on the road. Put anyone of these mind-bent/mind-bending authority figures in the psychiatrist’s chair and with little hesitation, he/she would be diagnosed as clinically insane. Yet, my friends, these are the very people we have allowed to dictate our futures.

We have witnessed, on a daily basis, politicians and self styled ‘experts’ tell their audience stories in which there is absolutely no underlying logic or rationale to what they are saying; however the instruction is clear – ‘obey!’ – and to a far too large degree, people do. What is on show here is a paralysis of servitude wedded with political correctness. A deadly and dastardly combination if there ever was one.

What is termed ‘the new normal’ is supposed to be based upon this model of fear based uniformity.

But what does ‘the new normal’ mean in the context of this present Covid parody? The impression one gets is that it means politically obedient zombies walking around in 5G WiFi operational zones which suck the oxygen out of their blood molecules – while continuing to wear masks that afflict them with ‘apoxia’. The combination making them barely able to breathe.

All this while still failing to question the fact that they must maintain their observation of ‘the rules’. Well, if this is the new normal, the ‘old normal’ mess we are accustomed to will start looking like Shangri-La!

Let us explore what further kind of theatre might develop out of such a scenario. Perhaps ‘the new normals’ on recognising they are having a serious problem breathing, will decide they need to go to the doctor for a diagnosis of their condition. Once arriving in the surgery they find their doctor happily branding the very latest ‘made in China’ Covid-19 test kit which, on being put to use, informs the customer that he/she is ‘asymptomatic’ and has tested ‘positive’ for having antibodies against CV-19. A diagnosis which simply leads to nobody knowing what to do next, other than going home and turning on the TV to await the next important pronouncement from Big Brother.

Whatever that turns out to be on the surface, underneath it will be a message concerning the further imposition of a New World Order depopulation programme.

A purely factual assessment of what’s going on has the affect of simply re-enforcing the underlying insanity at work within this mind bending comedy of errors.

But are they errors?

My conclusion must be that they are not. The social engineering and mind control techniques being employed are time tested and known to be effective. And because the implementers are so sure of the effectiveness of these tools, they are playing with humanity in much the same way as a cat plays with a mouse en route to killing it.

However, the difference between a human being and a mouse is that the human has the God given ability to become ‘aware’ of the threat being perpetrated against human kind and to take action to counter that threat. Once we become aware that we are being cynically played with – rather than ‘looked after’ – as governments would make us believe – our natural reaction is to be outraged!

It is precisely this outrage we should all be feeling at this critical juncture. The latest demonic attempt to hoodwink a large segment of the population of the planet is more than just a nasty kink in the road, it is a hiatus in which the future of humanity itself hangs in the balance. Our reaction to this global in your face exploitation is going to determine the future for generations to come.

The work we have at hand to expose and reverse this diabolical situation is now an absolute imperative for each and every one of us. Suddenly we all have the same job and it is not one anyone is going pay us to do.

That job is nothing less than fighting for the retention and restoration of a fundamental value system for mankind. A resolute insistence on holding the line for the maintenance of liberty, dignity and humanity. Drawing upon the inner courage necessary to fight our way out of this physical and psychological corner we have been so complicit in allowing ourselves to be backed into.

The possibility of meekly offering ourselves up as victims of some satanic corporate/billionaire sponsored sect called ‘government’ is more monstrous than the monsters themselves.

If you ‘get’ the urgency of this message, don’t just nod your head knowingly and retire contentedly into the armchair in front of the TV screen. That level of hypocrisy can only serve to greatly extend the prison sentence.

Throw out the TV as I did twenty years ago – along with the cell phone – in recognition of the fact that they are indeed Big Brother technologies. Technologies that have played an unprecedented role in the mass dumbing down of an entire generation and the eclipse of millions of once thoughtful and creative individuals, from one end of the planet to the other.

Mankind is being tested. At this epoch making time we are all being set an examination. One which will reveal the emergence of the true human and the submergence of the fake look-alike. To quote Aldous Huxley “That we are being propelled in the direction of Brave New World is obvious. But no less obvious is the fact that we can, if we so desire, refuse to co-operate with the blind forces that are propelling us” (1955, Brave New World Revisited).

“If we so desire”, says Huxley. But now, some 65 years later and in the midst of a near totalitarian take-over encompassing criminal acts of physical and psychological exploitation, we do not have the luxury of choice. We are surrounded, so break-out we must. No choice.

As I have said before and will repeat, the challenge we are faced with is unprecedented, so the response we are called upon to manifest must be equally unprecedented. We are breaking new ground here, and what lies in front of us is bursting with extraordinary liberating portent.

During the immediate weeks, months and years ahead we have this unparalleled opportunity to break-out of centuries of servitude to cold, calculating masters of deception who count on our remaining forever on our knees to their pronouncements. But their game plan is unravelling and we are increasingly alert to its intentions.

By seizing this auspicious moment and rising up in defiance against all attempts to impose a culture of death over the celebration of life, we will be demonstrating our deepest instinct for the power of love to overcome all expressions of hate.

Love is, after all, the one force which has always been – and will always be, the God given prerogative of mankind to make gloriously manifest.

Every action we take in standing-up against the dark forces of occupation on this planet, is a true expression of our love of Life. Once enough of such actions are made manifest, the light will most surely break through!

Julian Rose is a writer, organic farmer, international activist and holistic practitioner/teacher. Two of Julian’s books ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ and ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ are particularly prescient reading for this time. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Coronavirus Special Q&A


This is an adaptation of a quarterly newsletter I write for the village in Poland where I am resident.

Who would have believed that since the last time I sat down to write this seasonal bulletin, the world that we are accustomed to would have been subjected to a process of rapid and radical change? So given the degree to which what is called ‚Corona Virus Covid-19’ has taken-over our lives, I decided to devote this bulletin to exploring this subject.

The answers given below are based upon my research of medical and scientific best practice and personal acquaintance with some senior responsible scientists and doctors. They are not necessarily the views you will hear expressed via government and main-stream media.

Q. What is Corona Virus?

A. The American Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine gives this as the definition of Corona Virus:

the Common Flu. Covid-19 is simply a medical name given to a particular strain of that flu (influenza). The number of deaths being attributed to Corona Virus Covid-19 are what you would typically see for the common flu during its typical annual Winter season. Many official graphs show this clearly.

Q. Why have approximately three billion people been ordered to go into an extended quarantine and the many other unprecedented restrictions that go with it, if this is just a flu bug?

A. Government leaders, medical officers and many scientists don’t appear willing or able to give an honest answer this question. The desire to exercise exploitation and control is widespread these days and a sickness in its own right.

Q. Everyday we read about this dangerous global pandemic – supposedly causing panic and fear – so why haven’t other flu epidemics in previous years aroused the same response?

A. It is very difficult to get any ‚authority’ to focus on this question, let alone answer it. The best they can do is say something like “there is not enough clear evidence on the harm caused by Covid-19 therefore quarantine will be necessary until we have such evidence.” In legal terms this is like saying “you’re guilty until proved innocent.”

Q. What about the testing procedures of those suspected of carrying Covid-19 symptoms?

A. Chaotic: present PCR tests have proven completely unreliable. There have been a high percentage of false positives and false negatives. Doctors say that at least 80% of humans carry small amounts of Corona Virus in their cells all the time – and that it is essentially harmless. The only time when it isn’t is when there is a much heavier than usual load (higher concentration) in the blood stream.

Q. But they still claim to want to test everybody in every country that has Corona Virus incidents?

A. Yes, this is very big business. The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest corporate conglomerate in the world.

Q. What about the promise of a vaccination?

A. At the time of writing no specific causal agent has yet been isolated. That means virologists don’t have a pure specimen of the active base of the virus from which a vaccination would be made. To try and impose an obligatory vaccination on all citizens would go against the constitution of the great majority of European Countries and no doubt beyond.

Q. It is very confusing, the numbers of those cited as dying from Covid-19 are small by comparison to other common causes of death. In all cases, lower than the numbers reported for national and worldwide deaths from influenza. Then it appears that a high percentage of those who do develop Covid-19 sickness, are cured or get well by themselves, in the same way as those who get a flu bug.

How can governments subject their constituents to such extreme measures given this reality?

A. This is the question we should all be asking, quite obviously. Using the UK as an example, an interesting event took place on March 19 2020 when the government officially announced „As of March 19 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectuous disease in the UK” and put this up on the government website. However, instead of easing the self isolation/quarantine restrictions, the government introduced harsher ‚lock-down’ rules including the closure of schools, restaurants and theatres.

Q. The completely contradictory nature of this is plain for all to see. But it seems we are not supposed to be questioning the moves being made by governments – are there any examples of different policies being applied in other countries?

A. Yes there are. There are seven countries not enforcing strict ‚lock-down’/ ‚stay at home’ policies: Sweden, Mexico, Belarus, South Korea, Japan, Iceland and Tiawan. In all cases, the number of people being registered as getting sick and dying from Covid-19 is less (often substantially) than countries being subjected to the harsher regimes.

Q. What about the masks? Are they a proven way of protecting people from the spread of viral diseases?

A. They are not. In fact the most experienced doctors state that non medical masks (such as those that have been issued to the general public) are completely ineffective and even dangerous, because they cause one to breathe-in one’s own germs (recycle), therefore are more likely to cause sickness than to prevent it.

Q. So where does the Chief Medical Officer get such advice from?

A. ‚The advice chain’ is said to start from the already deeply corrupted World Health Organisation which issues a general overview and remedial recommendations. The next step in most European countries involves the intervention of some higher state medical institute, often in collusion with a similar private body having a financial interest in the outcome. Government then adopts whatever it feels inclined to put forward as its official position..

Q. So this could be open to political bias rather than sound judgement?

A. Yes it could.

Q. Could there be some other reason altogether for the imposition of this unprecedented imprisonment of a large segment of humanity? Could there be some possible ulterior motive we don’t know anything about?

A. Clearly one needs to be open to this consideration. There have been some clear indications that this ‚epidemic’ was pre-planned. In February 2017, Dr Anthony Fauci of Georgetown University USA, warned that President Trump would face “a surprise outbreak of an infectuous disease” during his presidency. In the Autumn of 2019 the Bill Gates, who has made a fortune from the development of a highly questionable vaccination programmes, funded a ‚trail-run’ of emergency procedures based on what actions would need to be put in place should a dangerous virus escape from a laboratory. There is more evidence of ‚prior knowledge’ which is not being reported in the main media. The release of Covid-19 is not likely to be an accident.

Q. There are reports of people diagnosed as Covid-19 infected, as suffering unusual symptoms not easily recognisable to doctors or virologists – is there something more we should know about this too?

A. Doctors have described an unusual type of sickness in the lungs. More specifically stated as ‚very restricted breathing’. This diagnosis has more recently been updated as recognition of a severe loss of oxygen from blood molecules. Many patients have also complained of dizziness, headaches and loss of mental clarity.

Q. Has any cause and affect correlation been made concerning a common source of these reactions?

A. A number of scientists and doctors have reported similar symptoms being described by people suffering from exposure to recent developments in telecommunications technologies, namely 4th and 5th generation electromagnetic microwave radiation masts and street level transmitters.

Q. Why are governments so reluctant to allow a public debate concerning the efficacy of WiFi and 5G microwave technologies?

A. This might be for a similar reason as the one mentioned earlier concerning the pharmaceutical industry’s acquisition of huge wealth – and therefore power- on the back of global vaccination roll-outs. Many people are aware these days, that corporations and billionaires often find ways to achieve their goals that have little or nothing to do with following democratic procedures. The telecom industry to day has reached parallel levels of earnings to those of pharmaceuticals, if not greater.

Q. This is not encouraging news for those placing their trust in government to be acting in their interest. What should people do?

A. The only thing I can advise people to do in these circumstances, is to awaken their powers of independent thinking. Once aroused, sensible explorations of thoughtful independent and non political information via the internet, can serve to open-up the field of knowledge and exploration being conducted internationally. Information which, for reasons touched on above, does not get reproduced by a media under political and corporate control.

Communities should be responsible for their own health and welfare and not allow outside forces to exploit them and tell them what to do.

The Covid Shockdown Doctrine – and How to Beat It

Those who have read Naomi Klein’s seminal book ‘The Shock Doctrine’ will remember how the ‘short sharp shock’ (primarily economic) was the tool fashioned by the Chicago School of Economics in order to create regime change in countries that resisted US hegemonic power grabs in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

This neocolonial heist was administered to a number of South American countries, in the Middle East and also in Eastern Europe, where, in 1989, Poland’s Solidarity movement was undermined by the Chicago School’s Jeffrey Sachs posing as a libertarian anti communist bringer of gifts from the West.

A poisoned chalice, as it turned out, as Sachs infiltrated the hugely popular worker-led new political movement known as The Third Way and landed Poland with a draconian IMF loan whose repayment terms wrecked the country’s industrial base.

A very similar scenario was repeated in Greece whose people are still struggling at the hands of the same treatment meated-out by The European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank, collectively known as The Troika.

Now ‘The Shock Doctrine’ is back with us again – with a vengeance. But this time it’s not just a national shock prescription, but a global one, executed on the concocted premise of a dangerous virus which is purported to have escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, at the turn of the year.

The first move of this latest attempted grand heist has been to get around half the population locked-down in their own homes and induced into a state of fear paralysis. A formula that is activated by the ‘instructed’ mainstream media spreading a panic-warning of said virus spooking its way into all avenues of life and causing some form of untreatable sickness.

The effectiveness of this fear based indoctrination programme has been remarkable. A recent national opinion poll conducted in the UK suggests that more than 60% of the British public – believing what they are hearing and consequently suffering the Covid fear symptoms – do not want the lockdown measures to be lifted or even eased. This might be explained by the fact that the BBC – a masterful spreader of political disinformation – is regarded by many in the UK as ‘god’, followed closely by the Queen, on whose estate the Pirbright Institute is housed, a Coronavirus patent is officially registered and a Covid-19 vaccine is being developed.

The tactics currently being deployed rely upon deliberate deception, preplanned social engineering and applied behavioural psychology being trained on great swathes of the world population via a completely compliant media which works hand in hand with a corporate/ banker/political cabal whose sights are set on nothing less than totalitarian control of all avenues of human society as well as of the human brain.

As long as actions taken in relation to the grand Covid scam can continue to be sold as a genuine attempt to protect citizens, rather than screw them, the lockdown can be largely kept in place, enabling the implementation of a rapid desecration of the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens living in what are claimed to be ‘democratic’ countries.

But as soon as a critical mass see through the veil and cease to buy the lie, the tables will be turned; an event likely to lead to a showdown between a steadily emerging recognition of truth and a rapidly fracturing ‘fortress lie’. Our job at this moment of time is to catalyse this process.

Notwithstanding the fact that any and all preventable premature deaths carry with them a real sense of loss, the outrageous absurdity of pretending that the release of a virus recognised to be a strain of common flu, should constitute a valid reason for wrecking billions of people’s lives and income sources, from one end of the world to the other, has got to be revealed for what it is: an act of preplanned genocide.

Enough time has passed and enough evidence accrued to know that the death toll ascribed to Covid-19 – as farcically imprecise as the statistics are – is less than the average loss of life brought about by the standard annual winter flu cycle in Northern hemisphere countries – and just a fraction of the deaths resulting from cancer, heart disease and the other major sicknesses to which modern man typically succumbs.

So instead of pouring over oceans of epidemiological evidence as though training to acquire a PHD in virology, we need to turn to face the enemy and take direct action to halt the advance of the lie machine. Studying the small details of exactly what forms the constituent parts of this particular strain of sickness, is a deviation we cannot afford to indulge in. Let specialist doctors get on with this; but let the rest of us jump to our feet and slam closed the oak door that protects our most fundamental freedoms from being eviscerated right in front of our eyes.

Doctors, recognising that they are being deeply misled about the nature of this so called ‘pandemic’ must refuse to go along with the lies. They should form their own informal committees in which to share their knowledge and help those in need using best practice and common sense. Thousands are in danger of breaking the Hippocratic Oath by following directives that defy logic and rational thought.

Within the legal profession, let all those who retain some human judgement demand that an immediate emergency injunction be tabled in the high court of law in their country; leading to a court order being issued against all attempts to change national constitutions and other legal acts ‘on the hoof’ without any proper debate or opportunity for those under attack to put their case and defend their lawful rights.

Let all those who work in communications and media recognise that they carry a moral and ethical responsibility to do more than simply pass on a purely superficial repetition of what it is they are on hand to report. All too often journalists today act like robots – without ever exploring and reporting on the deeper issues that lie behind significant news events. Editors are equally culpable, if not more so. Both tend to land-up as hired hands to billionaires and bought-out governments.

May such individuals now wake-up to the realisation that they have a duty to inform the general public of whether those whose statements they report are acting in the interests or in abuse of the health and welfare of the greater public they are supposed to serve.

Journalists of all descriptions have a vital role to perform at this time. If acting responsibly means getting kicked-out of one’s job – so be it – one will at least regain a blessedly clear conscience and win the opportunity to club together with other members of the resistance, to form real and much needed new avenues of independent communication, thereby conveying words of enlightenment rather than being complicit in the further dumbing-down of fellow human beings.

Teachers; stop forcing locked-down children to sit behind computer screens for hours at a time. The harm this is doing far outweighs the value of the teaching and lands parents with the task of acting as psychologists for their own distracted children. This torture must cease, as indeed must all thoughtless compliance with State educational programmes.

To all those who are in any degree enlightened, regardless of what profession, job or other diverse interest one may feel aligned with – now is the time to rally to the cause. The cause of saving families, friends and communities from being enslaved by what has increasingly shown itself to be a despotic, sinister and ruthless cabal fully intent on destroying the rule of law and replacing it with a fascistic police state. It’s no good hiding one’s head in the sand and praying it will never come to this. It already has – and we have to act accordingly.

As a senior member of the British House of Lords said recently “Historically tyranny isn’t imposed, people give away their freedom for safety”. Well, we’ve had quite enough of this sort of cowardice, and what’s more – there is no ‘safety’ on the other side of this particular coin. To fail to act in defence of life when it is obvious that every valuable aspect of life is under attack, is to be complicit in the crime.

Another prescient statement concludes “When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty”. Everyone of us must be primed for action now. Do not consent to being treated like a mindless automaton unless you are one. Hammer those who hold positions of office and don’t allow them to simply follow the script they have been told to adopt.

Remind them that their support for the Covid Shockdown plan to take a totally disproportionate wrecking-ball to the basic constitutional rights of the individual while using the excuse that they are protecting the health of the population, is a criminal neglect of duty which will not stand-up in a court of law. And while you’re at it – tell them you do not consent to being irradiated by WiFi 4/5G microwaves emitted by telecommunications networks, transmitters and masts erected without any public consultation or approval.

We have no option other than to take back control of our individual destinies and throw off the chains of hypnosis under which too many have been blindly operating for far too long.

This is an auspicious moment for mankind – so have no fear. Once on this new path we will find ourselves guided by powers far greater than those attempting to enslave us. This is the call we cannot turn away from. Step bravely forward and embrace its radical nature, we are coming together now in common commitment to light the fire of truth and justice – and to forever keep it lit.

Julian Rose is a writer, organic farmer, international activist and holistic practitioner/teacher. Two of Julian’s books ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ and ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ are particularly prescient reading for this time. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Puppet Dictators Play a Covid Card Too Far

The attempt to make the irrational and implausible appear rational and plausible has now reached dizzying new heights. The ceaseless flow of blatantly contradictory proclamations and actions emanating out of governments and global institutions that represent health, the economy and justice, sets the scene for the puppet dictators to play their Covid crisis cards.

With approximately three billion people now under house arrest, it certainly is not a pretty picture.
But here we are; and the media is the design and control agent for ensuring that this picture reaches every home and flat TV screen in the Western World. While the media’s main controlling agent may appear to be government, government moves in lock-step with the commands of corporations, billionaires and bankers and they, in turn, are beholden to some form of conductor who is not directing from in front of the orchestra, but from somewhere behind the orchestra pit – somewhere dark.

We are finding ourselves being herded by this Corona cabal. There is a distinct feeling that we are entering into a fundamental battle for the survival of the species. While the present battle lines are being defined by the degree to which irrational and draconian lock-down measures are being imposed on those whose basic civil rights and liberties are completely disrespected or simply not considered at all.

That amounts to a deliberate attempt to pick a fight with the people of this planet – and then, if they retaliate – imprison them. I believe this provocation is being masterminded to create sufficient confusion and fear to allow the perpetrators to take a big step forward in what was publicly stated in George Bush’s infamous announcement of a ‘New World Order’ on September 11th 1990, thirty years ago. A declaration made in the context of foreign affairs dealings with Russia, but disguising the coming imposition of a despotic totalitarian regime whose covert web was already being wrapped around the planet via decades of US military industrial funding and hegemonic power play.

So let us remind ourselves, on 19 March 2020 – which now seems a long time ago – the British government published this official announcement under the title ‘Status of Covid-19’ “As of 19 March 2020, Covid-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectuous disease (HCID) in the UK.” On the very next day a colleague sent me a scan taken from a page of The American Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine clearly stating that Corona Virus is the medical term for the Common Flu (influenza). I then read some statistics relating to the number of deaths caused by the common flu and each country showed a similar pattern: the number of month by month deaths attributable to the common flu very closely aligned with those being given for CV-19.

So where does that leave us today?

Caste your mind for a moment to the global warming scam and consequent arrival of Green New Deal and its fanatical ambition to achieve ‘Zero Carbon’ planetary (CO2) emissions. The language being used here is designed to deliberately create confusion, since ‘carbon’ is a vital clear and completely natural gas that plants take-in in order to live and grow. Without it the plant kingdom would die – and so would we – for a lack of oxygen. If the ‘science’ was real one would not hear government leaders (advised by scientists) spouting on about why we must achieve Zero Carbon, because they would realise that they were promoting an extinction event – the end of oxygen – and that would not be popular with the voters, one presumes. The science is fake, even when it is occasionally stated as anthropogenic CO2 emissions rather than simply ‘carbon’.

Now we are seeing the same thing happening with the Corona Virus. It is being portrayed as a killer and so bad that we all have to be locked away from each other and from most normal activities for months on end, like cattle suffering from mad cow disease, or as though five Chernobyls had suddenly gone into melt down. But the reality is that the common flu bears the encyclopedia description ‘Corona Virus’. So just like with ‘carbon’ being designated a killer in the global warming fake dialogue, so the common flu is also being hyped-up as a pandemic killer within the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic.

In both cases the language has been twisted inside-out and up-side-down – so as to thoroughly confuse the situation and deliberately obfuscate reality. We are then informed by straight-faced ‘experts’ that the resulting irrational gobbledygook is the bona fide truth.

To do this, they rely on our gullibility and willingness to suspend our powers of reason when confronted by a deceptively managed ‘big show’. One that typically features suited officials bearing various pompous titles being wheeled out so as to show us how very well trained in the art of lying they really are.

It’s unnervingly interesting that millions and millions can be brought to their knees by such a simple technique. Such a basic form of deception. And it is, of course, amplified when combined with digital communication techniques, subliminal and actual mind control methodologies and dire warnings that deliberately provoke fear. All this is what we now have to contend with, recognise for what it is and then take specific actions to counter and render inoperative.

We are at the turning point of humanity’s long history of slavery to the perpetrators of mass hypnosis and the deep levels of domination which this form of sedation makes possible. However, even the best laid plans in the world cannot plan for the ‘law of unintended consequences’ and the fact that even the most skilfully contrived plots produce unforeseen and unintended outcomes. This is where the laws of nature and the universe ultimately undo the demonically inspired forces of tunnel vision despots, and expose the underlying weakness of those obsessed with puffed-up political power.

It is our job to now hold the line of fearless commitment to the deeper truths of life and pass their message on to those who have ears to hear. Under the law of unintended consequences some rather remarkable things are happening during this unprecedented domestic imprisonment of great swathes of society, with its consequent lack of commercial activities.

There is a great reduction of noise, everywhere. There is a marked drop in levels of pollution, in general. The sky is largely free of aircraft and even the chemtrails have temporarily abated. People confined to their houses and apartments are finding creative ways of expressing their humanity and pride, for example in joining together in songs and music from balconies and across the streets in which they live. Humour erupts where the absurdity of the supposedly ‘precautionary regulations’ reaches critical levels.

All sorts of sparks are illuminating the imposed shadows of darkness. We are witnessing and participating in – pockets of instinctive survival rebelliousness – thus brightening the standardised moods of internalised anxiety and fear-based obedience to the state. Not only on the earthly plain are we being subjected to deep challenge, but on the cosmic level we are also being taunted. Ever more taunted to wake-up!

That is the dual nature of the Lila; the divine cosmic play. A game in which the Creator ensures that ‘evil’ is unwittingly given an unlikely role, that of forcing the good in us to come out of its shell – and take a lead in guiding us through the labyrinth. We are being coaxed to rise up as one, from North to South, from East to West, to liberate ourselves from that which will – unless we finally withdraw our acquiescence – destroy the greater part of life on Earth.

Covid-19 is our trigger point. Along with the forced deployment of genetically engineered foods and 5G microwave radiation, this is the event which will turn the tide of history and reveal ‘we the people’ to be the true heirs to the future. We are touching critical mass. They have gone one step too far – and know it. The mix is explosive.

Rise-up, we have work to do.

Julian Rose is a writer, organic farmer, international activist and holistic practitioner/teacher. Two of Julian’s books ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ and ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ are particularly prescient reading for this time. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Turn Self Isolation into Self Liberation!

One of the most famous paradoxes of this blessed experience called Life, is known as ‘the law of unintended consequences’; and we are at this very moment of time, in the midst of a manifestation of cosmic Lila which exactly fits this paradox.

Under the unprecedented blanket regulatory lock-down imposed by governments all over the planet, a highly unlikely opportunity has arisen to fundamentally redress our life circumstances. An opportunity which will positively equip those who need to become aware, to face the uncertainties that lie ahead with courage and fortitude.

The number one opportunity which being stuck in one’s home for most of the working day presents, is to do some long overdue thinking; the kind that taps into that region of ourselves which has been/is particularly starved due to being heavily preoccupied by the daily chores of the standard working week. That part of ourselves which gives genuine direction to our lives, and brings us face to face with the plethora of superficial activities that preoccupy us, most of which we have, up until recently, taken as gospel.

We are being supported in this vital pursuit by changes underway in the natural environment which surrounds us. Changes for the better that result from a sudden flux of a high percentage of the frenetic hustle and bustle which forms the basic daily pattern of our materialistically centred life, and which brings with it a heavy load of pollution, noise and stress, choking both our planet’s natural environment and our own health and welfare.

Pause to consider, how remarkable it is that the impositions imposed by mostly clueless governments, would have the unintended consequence of enabling much of nature to finally take some decent deep breaths! Enable her sinews to be at least temporarily cleansed from the antithetical materialistic pursuits of the modern world. Pursuits so misguidedly hailed as ‘progress’ and so crassly utilised for achieving the bloated ambitions of corporate giants.

Nature can breathe because motorways are largely free of the noise and pollution caused by rushing cars and trucks, and the air largely free from the constant passage of disruptive commercial jet airlines. The sky is blessedly blue and the sweeter that usual air is full of the sound of Spring inspired birds. It is generally calm – even peaceful. I remember a state like this from my childhood.

Something is happening. Something unusual. And it is coming about due to the ‘law of unintended consequences’ which is actually a cosmic/universal law and not unintended at all, but a direct reflection of Divine Lila. It has provided us with this opportunity- right in the midst of an unprecedented deep-state engendered global crisis – to join in this natural healing process so as to recharge our spiritual batteries and shed our worn-out life styles in favour of a more integrated and conscious sense of purpose.

It’s an opportunity we should not ignore.

Listen carefully: the circumstances facing all of us in the immediate two to three years ahead are going to present a quite unique challenge. Not least because they are being conducted by people either ludicrously unfit for the tasks they find themselves responsible for – or who wish to deceive and exploit us so as to acquire powers to control events which they have no legal right to control.

This means that the first call on our meditations about our immediate futures will be to raise and appraise some very practical considerations; the first of which involves taking a big step towards a much more robust and self sufficient life style. Bear in mind that a return to typical easy access to the ‘daily conveniences’ many have become accustomed to, is no longer a secure bet. Even if governments might make it appear that ‘everything is under control’ and/or ‘things will soon return to normal’. Clearly it is not – and they will not, as by now we are surely well aware – and wishful thinking will not change this situation.

As I mentioned above, we must use this brief open window to shift ourselves towards a much more self sufficient and simple life style. A largely self sufficient life style involves knowing how to cultivate the ground so as to grow our own basic food requirements. And/or if not doing this directly, making sure to be closely associated with supporting colleagues who do – and who are willing to share the harvests that result.

This is not going to be possible within an urban environment at this point in time, given not only that there is insufficient cultivatable land available, but that urban environments are largely unconducive to mental, spiritual and physical health. They do not enhance one’s immune system and ability to build the inner and outer strength vital to staying strong throughout the challenges in store for us.

So to make best use of this period solitary confinement, plot the course that will provide a practical way of taking control of your – and your family’s – destiny. Recognising, of course, that under the imposition of a quasi dictatorship there is only ‘x’ amount of room in which to move.

In this article I am taking a deliberately positive line concerning making maximum use of our largely untapped potentials as creative beings. So let’s recognise this as exactly the moment to tap these blessed creative powers – since many have been far too preoccupied with selfish pursuits instead of dealing with necessities. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ so use this one in a million opportunity to meditate on exactly what your key necessities are and how to best manage them.

This should not be an anxiety based exercise. On the contrary, we are in a time of great energetic cosmic support due to the Earth now being in a particularly powerful alignment with the centre of our galaxy, resulting in the rapid growth of heart based empathetic instincts throughout humanity. It is because dark directed forces know about this, that such an intense effort is being made to block the rising-up which is already well underway in us.

Draw upon this gift we are being sent. It is to strengthen the heart beat of mother Earth and human kind.

If you are not already doing so, start each day with Yoga. Hatha yoga exercises, for example, that have been honed over millennia to bring nourishment to every part of the body and mind. This practice, by co-ordinating breathing and movement, revitalises the chi (energy) of one’s whole being and provides a clearer insight into what is the best and most true action to take each day. A Theseus thread to guide one through the chaos which has been deliberately invoked on this planet.

Couple such practice with a diet rich in immunosupportive foods, preferably direct from the farm.
Yes, the farmers you have linked-up with and offered your support. Hands in the soil and the company of (farm) animals is immensely curative. For millions, it is the life-line to earthed, reawakened health. The forces intent upon pulling us down cannot do so once our spiritual and physical energies are awakened and maintained. Truly vital right now.

This means, for example, we can devote our new found ‘freedom’ into actions specifically targetted at stopping the roll-out of the microwave radiation 5G weapon. A brutal technology of human paralysis and planetary ecocide, increasingly implicated in playing a covert role in the current ‘Corona Virus’ scam.

The family of man is ONE family. Our fate is inextricably linked to the fate of all others, as theirs is with ours. Selfishness is a disease far more deadly than any Corona Virus. Make use of your period of isolation to rid yourself of narcissistic tendencies, as the ‘Real I’ in each one of us is not the one that seeks self-satisfaction or indulgence in vanities. It is the one that liberates us into recognising our oneness with all life and all peoples, regardless of colour, race or creed.

Treat the domestic imprisonment being forced upon us – as an opportunity – not as cause for fear. In fact see it as a hurdle being placed in front of you so as to make you reach deeper into yourself for the solution! Because that’s what it actually is: a wake-up call without which you might never have the opportunity to discover your divine eternal flame of greatness, of Godliness.

Julian Rose is a writer, organic farmer, international activist and holistic practitioner/teacher. Two of Julian’s books ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ and ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ are particularly prescient reading for this time. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Pandemic: The Invention of a Disease Called Fear

The word ‘pandemic’ bears a similarity to the word ‘panic’ and indeed ‘pandemonium’. In fact ‘pandemic’ evokes an almost instant flush of fear in those easily manipulated by mass media, before any details have even touched the surface or context in which the word is being used.

Those who plan the major moves on the chess-board of covert human control know that by leading with the word ‘pandemic’ they have an instantly effective weapon at their disposal to psychologically weaken the resistance of individuals vulnerable to irrational and impressionistic mind sets.

So, in a world heavily conditioned by the proclamations of the mass media, the fear weapon has a huge psychological power.

As we have all witnessed over the past months, the Coronavirus story has been unleashed with barely contained lascivious delight by news media under orders from the purveyors of malevolent missions against mankind. Pumped-up to maximum volume and dispersed globally, the deliberately designed fear message has the instant effect of making the majority of people feel powerless. The Big problem is at large – and we the people feel small. This is the beginning of an entrapment which colours every aspect of daily life.

Most of humanity has undergone a process of education which depends for its effectiveness on the perceived power of some ‘authority’ to exert an unquestioned controlling influence over the general direction of the life. A source of influence that depends for its continuing effectiveness on never being subjected to rational scrutiny, or genuine examination of any kind. Such is the beguiling power of full-on indoctrination.

In the battle now raging for ‘who controls the world’, some of the largely hidden or disguised controlling agents of planetary life – are now appearing on the surface. And that’s why chaos and fear are very much ‘flavour of the month’. The Corona Contagion is chock full of idiosyncrasies; in fact there are so many nonsensical factors associated with media attempts to report on what’s going on, that one can only feel dazed and confused should one try and follow the script in real time.

However, what has become all too clear is the fact that large numbers of people are being herded – and are not resisting. The scare tactics being employed are more dangerous than the virus that is the excuse for deploying them. Under this induced state of psychosis all manner of tricks can be perpetrated on mankind – and that is precisely what we are witnessing at this time.

Many reading this will already be familiar with the ambitions of the controlling deep state ‘elite’ and will know that a pre-planned phase of social and economic chaos is a key factor in their attempted roll-out of totalitarian New World Order. We are now in this phase. It’s success depends upon a large body of people following the instructions passed down by the political puppets of the deep state and by the cowardly repetition of these instructions by the main stream media.

Once again, the fear card plays a key role. This time, in keeping a constant level of anxiety and hysteria on the boil, while working to ensure that those able to recognise the true nature of the scam are coerced into not stepping out of line, thereby risking their job, security or status within the rigidly enforced master/slave relationship of the status quo.

The whole sick edifice maintains its momentum based upon pure top-down deception and exploitation. Yet those at the receiving end largely choose to remain oblivious of the fact that they are being used and abused for the benefit of a fascist ideal. By not rebelling in the face of such treatment – but instead by complying with it – a mute populace establishes the basis of its own debasement and slavery.

These methods have been practised over and over again in the history of the world, and each time hind-sight reveals the motivation to have been an obsession with power and control, and the perpetrators to be a small number of psychopathic despots. Whether taking the form of military might, religious dogma or modern day corporate and banking control freaks, provided the drama has been well stage-managed and the ‘might has produced fright’, the hegemons get their way.

How well is the roll-out being stage-managed on this occasion – and what is the plan?

Owing to the trans-planetary link-ups that take place today, the ‘master plan’ is no longer a regional or national affair, but a global one. The main players have hatched the plot long before any of us get to know about it and gatherings like the Davos Economic Summit and Bildergerger meetings are used to gain consensus on the timing and methods to be deployed.

In the case of Covid-19, its appearance on the scene – or at least the spreading of the story about something nasty going under this name – is timed to divert attention from the speeding-up of the installation of what are deemed to be important spokes in the creation of a totalitarian New World Order. For example, the roll-out of 5G microwave modulated WiFi; a digitalised smart grid and ‘internet of things’; a robotic transport system; facial recognition population surveillance programmes; new strains of genetically modified organisms and vaccines, and so forth. However, the predominant game plan is to ‘re-set’ global finance so as to appear to be supporting the euphemistically named Green New Deal with its holy grail ‘Zero Carbon’.

The fact that China has likely been the initial bio-weapon target, does not detract from a more widespread aim to disrupt the world economy as a whole.

The effectiveness of this disruption depends upon the greater part of the populus being swept along in a bubble of blind belief in the authenticity of the ‘virtual’ story line. A line which disguises the very actual imposition of a fascist state.

I would say that the stage-management is pretty poor this time around. The plethora of contradictory and irrational clamp-down actions being imposed in the name of containing the bogey bug stretches the credibility of the operation to the braking point. In point of fact it’s a farce; but a farce which involves actual deaths and the support of a police state, cannot simply be laughed-off.

Instead, it can be put under the spotlight and be seen for what it is, a planned manipulation of the people and resources of this planet, whose main goading-tool consists of the well rehearsed art of spreading fear and panic. And this, in turn, to undermine the rational and common sense based gift which we have all been blessed with from birth, and which – when in good order – can clearly see through the facade and hold the line of reason and truth.

Many have seen this ‘order out of chaos’ drama coming for years. The chaos bit is with us right now and very visible. The ‘order’ is to follow and consists in the emergence of a peace maker – or peace plan – that involves the lead croupiers raking the chips off the roulette board and cashing them in to their temporary satisfaction. Thus allowing for a little holiday period in which the weak kneed can rejoice at their survival and bless the emergence of the ‘new order’, under the authority of no matter who or what, so long as they can believe that the world has been saved from anarchy and ruin.

Every one of us whose knees have not turned to jelly and whose brains have not turned to mind controlled pulp, must take this moment to declare ourselves, boldly and resolutely with these four words “We do not consent”.

There’s a surprise in store for the cowardly imposers of chaos – it is our time that’s coming and – not theirs. For ours is the True World Order which aligns with Universal Law, not the false laws of a manipulated status quo.

It is our re-emergent marriage with Universal Truth that is going to oust this scare loaded pandemic and all similar manifestations of dark-side deception that have gripped this planet for far too long. Our true-world-order is going to take on this obsessed and demonic dynasty, so that it stumbles, falls and fails to rise again.

Seize this auspicious moment – and let us be joined as one in an unwavering commitment to get off our knees and stand firm in the cause of defeating the ghosts of chaos and fear.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of organic farming, writer, broadcaster, international activist and holistic actor/thinker. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ has been acclaimed as ‘vitally prescient’ by readers and critics. See Julian’s website for more information www.julianrose.info

Tackling the Illegality of the 5G Roll-Out

Breaking Subservience to False Gods

Our planet is in the hands of false gods. Fake gods. So that everything over which they preside is tainted by falsity. It is a position which underscores institutions, industries and political agendas from one end of the planet to the other.

So when one arranges to meet with local, regional or central government authorities and officials, in order to press home a deep concern which is not being recognised or respected by those whose responsibility it is to investigate and take action, nine times out of ten one simply finds oneself confronting a handed-down clone of the fake god sitting on the top of the pile.

This, unfortunately, is the true nature of 21st century ‘democracy’ in action. Question the lack of genuine people representation on display and one is told one is fortunate to have been offered a meeting at all, never mind an outcome.

It is within the stiffling parameters of this type of reception that many of us engaged in actions to Stop 5G, are attempting to press our local/regional authorities into taking a responsible position concerning the health and welfare of their constituents – and finding ourselves essentially stymed.

At the top of the pile the fake god has already made up his/her mind that ‘the buck must be passed’ and no responsibility will be taken – full stop. And on the specific matter of 5G „Well, you can’t turn-down a good deal when it’s placed right in your lap, can you? I mean, the telecoms are dripping in money – and we’re always short of funds – not to mention my own earnings” says the false god, privately.

In the meeting room below where the false god sits on his throne, two or three institutionalised clerks dutifully await the end of the plaintif’s explanation of why 5G is far more dnagerous than any of us might at first have thought. How its pulsed millimetre microwave transmissions have been recognised by over 10,000 scientists as constituting a direct- and indeed lethal – threat to human health; and how empirical evidence has indeed proved this to be the case. Not only this – the plaintif persists – but the natural environment, animals, birds and insects are equally in the toxic firing-line of microwave radiation coming from multiple numbers of untested and unrequested transmitters.. „therefore we must be alert to this unprecedented threat to our community, at least until a thorough examination of the matter is carried out”.

Silence. Some feeble shuffling of papers. A sideways glance or two – then the fake boss-god’s fake under boss undertakes to clear the air „Any telecom communication’s technology that we choose to accept in our constituency will be in line with the legal norms of the INCIRP”. Pause. „We do not have the authority to questions the pros and cons of such systems, that is a matter for those who set the standards and publish the quidelines.”

Not surprisingly, one sees the false god’s values being regurgitated in those who simply ape the fakery at all levels of the pyramid. It is ‘standard procedure’ and is rarely transgressed.

However, just occasionally one does find a chink of light in the clerical armour; a secret sympathiser perhaps – that offers the opportunity of penetrating a little further into the fortress of falsification of facts. On rare occasions one even gets to the top floor, whereupon the glass bottles of spring water appear, tea and coffee are offered and a ‘charming’ senior assistant is sent out to deal with the essentially unwlecome guest. He/she smiles benignly, feigning an act of sympathetic understanding for the weary activist.

„We have read your letter and accompanying material carefully and recognise your concerns” is the initial response, briefly raising hopes that the contents might have actually penetrated the surface and lodged in the neocortex „however, we have no jurisdiction over the placing of transmitters or over the matter of any public health concerns that might arise in certain instances. We might suggest that you write to the Minister of Digitalisation and Sport should you require any further clarification in these matters. We do appreciate you showing concern and can assure you that your remarks have been carefully noted by the relevant officer.”

You see, the false gods know their stuff. In many respects they are true masters of deception. Well trained. A bit clumsy at the local level perhaps, but more and more sophisticated as one gets closer to the inner sanctum of government and industry. Behind the veil at the top end are some very hard nosed crooks indeed who, while switching on the charm, mean exactly the opposite of what they say. The British variety are masters in this!

So, how to get beyond this wall of denial?

For those of us working on various levels of Stop 5G activism, this is a key question. Confronted by a barrage of stone-walling at the regulatory level, we are faced with the challenge of finding just enough of a chink in the state armoury to get a proper litigation case together; one that would prize open the current obstructions and put the perpetrators of the essentially illegal 5G roll-out in the dock. There are now a plethora of such challenges nearing a state of readiness in a number of European countries and in the USA.

While activities on this level are intensifying, one cannot rely on a break-through taking place in the near future. The false gods also run the justice system. Almost all legal judgements apart from those emenating from Common Law, are top-down weighted. So, while one (quite rightly) pursues the litigation path of action, there is an equal necessity to work relentlessly on one’s own local community, raisng awareness – while steadilly collecting a small army of Stop 5G supporters ready to stand firm in their commitment – to prevent preditory telecoms gaining access to their territory.

This is the true battle ground of a more profound change. Because in explaining and sharing the explosive truth of what 5G actually is, one cannot avoid touching on what 2,3and 4G also are. In reality they are all secret weapons whose dangers have been known to their inventors fom the outset. 5G is simply the ‘crown jewels’ of covert killer technologies, with an indiscriminate breadth of fire-power that takes-in not just human beings, but the natural environment, animals, birds and insects, as well as the ability to corrupt the very DNA of life itself.

Gaining recognition that all forms of wireless microwave transmissions, including – and in particular – WiFi, have a deletarious effect on the health and welfare of those who use them (and on those who don’t) can be the key breakthrough to ushering in a major reevaluation – of not just one’s choice of communication medium, but also the potential of a major life-style change. It can mean the difference between implicitly placing one’s trust in the false gods who run the show around which our lives revolve, to grasping the necessity of taking control of our destinies and thereby breaking the chains of slavery to the system.

Those working ‘on the ground’ to prevent 5G from becoming established in their surrounding neighbourhoods, are faced by the often daunting task of needing to explain to their neighbours that to purchase the latest and fastest electromagnetic gismo is not in their best interests, nor those of their family. That ‘smart phones’ aren’t smart and that the nearest mobile phone tower is not a friendly icon of the age of convenience – but a continuous purveyor of toxic electro smog. And of course, that 5G is quite simply a permanent huge red light.

The only way to do this without appearing to be a typical hypocrit, is to show that one believes one’s own words and has acted upon this belief. This translates as ditching one’s mobile phone. Stop 5G activists who have achieved this status are the true pioneers of a future freed from the perpetual and ubiquitous spread of a toxic blanklet of deeply intrusive microwave pollution.

Those who haven’t yet taken this step, but whose developing knowledge makes them aware of the need, form the main army of active Stop 5G proponents at this time. Although compromised by establishing an unrealistic cut-off point between 5G and 4/3G, their efforts to stop 5G are vital in the overal scheme of things.

If the 5G roll-out can be blocked by the will of local communities and the success of one community bolsters the chance of success in others, and this knock-on process starts to roll across the land with increasing momentum, then we are in with a very real chance of securing at least one deeply meaningful victory for this planet’s pro-life forces of responsibility and sanity – over the anti-life forces of irresponsibility and insanity.

If this should be coupled with a famous court victory, leading to the start of a dominoes effect here too, we may well start to sense that we are on the cusp of a more far reaching turning point in the affairs of man.

False gods – beware.

Nota bene: 5G in space is not treated here – but will be tackled separately in the near future.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of organic farming, writer, broadcaster, international activist and holistic actor/thinker. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ has been acclaimed as ‘vitally prescient’ by readers and critics. See Julian’s website for more information www.julianrose.info