Puppet Dictators Play a Covid Card Too Far

The attempt to make the irrational and implausible appear rational and plausible has now reached dizzying new heights. The ceaseless flow of blatantly contradictory proclamations and actions emanating out of governments and global institutions that represent health, the economy and justice, sets the scene for the puppet dictators to play their Covid crisis cards.

With approximately three billion people now under house arrest, it certainly is not a pretty picture.
But here we are; and the media is the design and control agent for ensuring that this picture reaches every home and flat TV screen in the Western World. While the media’s main controlling agent may appear to be government, government moves in lock-step with the commands of corporations, billionaires and bankers and they, in turn, are beholden to some form of conductor who is not directing from in front of the orchestra, but from somewhere behind the orchestra pit – somewhere dark.

We are finding ourselves being herded by this Corona cabal. There is a distinct feeling that we are entering into a fundamental battle for the survival of the species. While the present battle lines are being defined by the degree to which irrational and draconian lock-down measures are being imposed on those whose basic civil rights and liberties are completely disrespected or simply not considered at all.

That amounts to a deliberate attempt to pick a fight with the people of this planet – and then, if they retaliate – imprison them. I believe this provocation is being masterminded to create sufficient confusion and fear to allow the perpetrators to take a big step forward in what was publicly stated in George Bush’s infamous announcement of a ‘New World Order’ on September 11th 1990, thirty years ago. A declaration made in the context of foreign affairs dealings with Russia, but disguising the coming imposition of a despotic totalitarian regime whose covert web was already being wrapped around the planet via decades of US military industrial funding and hegemonic power play.

So let us remind ourselves, on 19 March 2020 – which now seems a long time ago – the British government published this official announcement under the title ‘Status of Covid-19’ “As of 19 March 2020, Covid-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectuous disease (HCID) in the UK.” On the very next day a colleague sent me a scan taken from a page of The American Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine clearly stating that Corona Virus is the medical term for the Common Flu (influenza). I then read some statistics relating to the number of deaths caused by the common flu and each country showed a similar pattern: the number of month by month deaths attributable to the common flu very closely aligned with those being given for CV-19.

So where does that leave us today?

Caste your mind for a moment to the global warming scam and consequent arrival of Green New Deal and its fanatical ambition to achieve ‘Zero Carbon’ planetary (CO2) emissions. The language being used here is designed to deliberately create confusion, since ‘carbon’ is a vital clear and completely natural gas that plants take-in in order to live and grow. Without it the plant kingdom would die – and so would we – for a lack of oxygen. If the ‘science’ was real one would not hear government leaders (advised by scientists) spouting on about why we must achieve Zero Carbon, because they would realise that they were promoting an extinction event – the end of oxygen – and that would not be popular with the voters, one presumes. The science is fake, even when it is occasionally stated as anthropogenic CO2 emissions rather than simply ‘carbon’.

Now we are seeing the same thing happening with the Corona Virus. It is being portrayed as a killer and so bad that we all have to be locked away from each other and from most normal activities for months on end, like cattle suffering from mad cow disease, or as though five Chernobyls had suddenly gone into melt down. But the reality is that the common flu bears the encyclopedia description ‘Corona Virus’. So just like with ‘carbon’ being designated a killer in the global warming fake dialogue, so the common flu is also being hyped-up as a pandemic killer within the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic.

In both cases the language has been twisted inside-out and up-side-down – so as to thoroughly confuse the situation and deliberately obfuscate reality. We are then informed by straight-faced ‘experts’ that the resulting irrational gobbledygook is the bona fide truth.

To do this, they rely on our gullibility and willingness to suspend our powers of reason when confronted by a deceptively managed ‘big show’. One that typically features suited officials bearing various pompous titles being wheeled out so as to show us how very well trained in the art of lying they really are.

It’s unnervingly interesting that millions and millions can be brought to their knees by such a simple technique. Such a basic form of deception. And it is, of course, amplified when combined with digital communication techniques, subliminal and actual mind control methodologies and dire warnings that deliberately provoke fear. All this is what we now have to contend with, recognise for what it is and then take specific actions to counter and render inoperative.

We are at the turning point of humanity’s long history of slavery to the perpetrators of mass hypnosis and the deep levels of domination which this form of sedation makes possible. However, even the best laid plans in the world cannot plan for the ‘law of unintended consequences’ and the fact that even the most skilfully contrived plots produce unforeseen and unintended outcomes. This is where the laws of nature and the universe ultimately undo the demonically inspired forces of tunnel vision despots, and expose the underlying weakness of those obsessed with puffed-up political power.

It is our job to now hold the line of fearless commitment to the deeper truths of life and pass their message on to those who have ears to hear. Under the law of unintended consequences some rather remarkable things are happening during this unprecedented domestic imprisonment of great swathes of society, with its consequent lack of commercial activities.

There is a great reduction of noise, everywhere. There is a marked drop in levels of pollution, in general. The sky is largely free of aircraft and even the chemtrails have temporarily abated. People confined to their houses and apartments are finding creative ways of expressing their humanity and pride, for example in joining together in songs and music from balconies and across the streets in which they live. Humour erupts where the absurdity of the supposedly ‘precautionary regulations’ reaches critical levels.

All sorts of sparks are illuminating the imposed shadows of darkness. We are witnessing and participating in – pockets of instinctive survival rebelliousness – thus brightening the standardised moods of internalised anxiety and fear-based obedience to the state. Not only on the earthly plain are we being subjected to deep challenge, but on the cosmic level we are also being taunted. Ever more taunted to wake-up!

That is the dual nature of the Lila; the divine cosmic play. A game in which the Creator ensures that ‘evil’ is unwittingly given an unlikely role, that of forcing the good in us to come out of its shell – and take a lead in guiding us through the labyrinth. We are being coaxed to rise up as one, from North to South, from East to West, to liberate ourselves from that which will – unless we finally withdraw our acquiescence – destroy the greater part of life on Earth.

Covid-19 is our trigger point. Along with the forced deployment of genetically engineered foods and 5G microwave radiation, this is the event which will turn the tide of history and reveal ‘we the people’ to be the true heirs to the future. We are touching critical mass. They have gone one step too far – and know it. The mix is explosive.

Rise-up, we have work to do.

Julian Rose is a writer, organic farmer, international activist and holistic practitioner/teacher. Two of Julian’s books ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ and ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ are particularly prescient reading for this time. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Turn Self Isolation into Self Liberation!

One of the most famous paradoxes of this blessed experience called Life, is known as ‘the law of unintended consequences’; and we are at this very moment of time, in the midst of a manifestation of cosmic Lila which exactly fits this paradox.

Under the unprecedented blanket regulatory lock-down imposed by governments all over the planet, a highly unlikely opportunity has arisen to fundamentally redress our life circumstances. An opportunity which will positively equip those who need to become aware, to face the uncertainties that lie ahead with courage and fortitude.

The number one opportunity which being stuck in one’s home for most of the working day presents, is to do some long overdue thinking; the kind that taps into that region of ourselves which has been/is particularly starved due to being heavily preoccupied by the daily chores of the standard working week. That part of ourselves which gives genuine direction to our lives, and brings us face to face with the plethora of superficial activities that preoccupy us, most of which we have, up until recently, taken as gospel.

We are being supported in this vital pursuit by changes underway in the natural environment which surrounds us. Changes for the better that result from a sudden flux of a high percentage of the frenetic hustle and bustle which forms the basic daily pattern of our materialistically centred life, and which brings with it a heavy load of pollution, noise and stress, choking both our planet’s natural environment and our own health and welfare.

Pause to consider, how remarkable it is that the impositions imposed by mostly clueless governments, would have the unintended consequence of enabling much of nature to finally take some decent deep breaths! Enable her sinews to be at least temporarily cleansed from the antithetical materialistic pursuits of the modern world. Pursuits so misguidedly hailed as ‘progress’ and so crassly utilised for achieving the bloated ambitions of corporate giants.

Nature can breathe because motorways are largely free of the noise and pollution caused by rushing cars and trucks, and the air largely free from the constant passage of disruptive commercial jet airlines. The sky is blessedly blue and the sweeter that usual air is full of the sound of Spring inspired birds. It is generally calm – even peaceful. I remember a state like this from my childhood.

Something is happening. Something unusual. And it is coming about due to the ‘law of unintended consequences’ which is actually a cosmic/universal law and not unintended at all, but a direct reflection of Divine Lila. It has provided us with this opportunity- right in the midst of an unprecedented deep-state engendered global crisis – to join in this natural healing process so as to recharge our spiritual batteries and shed our worn-out life styles in favour of a more integrated and conscious sense of purpose.

It’s an opportunity we should not ignore.

Listen carefully: the circumstances facing all of us in the immediate two to three years ahead are going to present a quite unique challenge. Not least because they are being conducted by people either ludicrously unfit for the tasks they find themselves responsible for – or who wish to deceive and exploit us so as to acquire powers to control events which they have no legal right to control.

This means that the first call on our meditations about our immediate futures will be to raise and appraise some very practical considerations; the first of which involves taking a big step towards a much more robust and self sufficient life style. Bear in mind that a return to typical easy access to the ‘daily conveniences’ many have become accustomed to, is no longer a secure bet. Even if governments might make it appear that ‘everything is under control’ and/or ‘things will soon return to normal’. Clearly it is not – and they will not, as by now we are surely well aware – and wishful thinking will not change this situation.

As I mentioned above, we must use this brief open window to shift ourselves towards a much more self sufficient and simple life style. A largely self sufficient life style involves knowing how to cultivate the ground so as to grow our own basic food requirements. And/or if not doing this directly, making sure to be closely associated with supporting colleagues who do – and who are willing to share the harvests that result.

This is not going to be possible within an urban environment at this point in time, given not only that there is insufficient cultivatable land available, but that urban environments are largely unconducive to mental, spiritual and physical health. They do not enhance one’s immune system and ability to build the inner and outer strength vital to staying strong throughout the challenges in store for us.

So to make best use of this period solitary confinement, plot the course that will provide a practical way of taking control of your – and your family’s – destiny. Recognising, of course, that under the imposition of a quasi dictatorship there is only ‘x’ amount of room in which to move.

In this article I am taking a deliberately positive line concerning making maximum use of our largely untapped potentials as creative beings. So let’s recognise this as exactly the moment to tap these blessed creative powers – since many have been far too preoccupied with selfish pursuits instead of dealing with necessities. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ so use this one in a million opportunity to meditate on exactly what your key necessities are and how to best manage them.

This should not be an anxiety based exercise. On the contrary, we are in a time of great energetic cosmic support due to the Earth now being in a particularly powerful alignment with the centre of our galaxy, resulting in the rapid growth of heart based empathetic instincts throughout humanity. It is because dark directed forces know about this, that such an intense effort is being made to block the rising-up which is already well underway in us.

Draw upon this gift we are being sent. It is to strengthen the heart beat of mother Earth and human kind.

If you are not already doing so, start each day with Yoga. Hatha yoga exercises, for example, that have been honed over millennia to bring nourishment to every part of the body and mind. This practice, by co-ordinating breathing and movement, revitalises the chi (energy) of one’s whole being and provides a clearer insight into what is the best and most true action to take each day. A Theseus thread to guide one through the chaos which has been deliberately invoked on this planet.

Couple such practice with a diet rich in immunosupportive foods, preferably direct from the farm.
Yes, the farmers you have linked-up with and offered your support. Hands in the soil and the company of (farm) animals is immensely curative. For millions, it is the life-line to earthed, reawakened health. The forces intent upon pulling us down cannot do so once our spiritual and physical energies are awakened and maintained. Truly vital right now.

This means, for example, we can devote our new found ‘freedom’ into actions specifically targetted at stopping the roll-out of the microwave radiation 5G weapon. A brutal technology of human paralysis and planetary ecocide, increasingly implicated in playing a covert role in the current ‘Corona Virus’ scam.

The family of man is ONE family. Our fate is inextricably linked to the fate of all others, as theirs is with ours. Selfishness is a disease far more deadly than any Corona Virus. Make use of your period of isolation to rid yourself of narcissistic tendencies, as the ‘Real I’ in each one of us is not the one that seeks self-satisfaction or indulgence in vanities. It is the one that liberates us into recognising our oneness with all life and all peoples, regardless of colour, race or creed.

Treat the domestic imprisonment being forced upon us – as an opportunity – not as cause for fear. In fact see it as a hurdle being placed in front of you so as to make you reach deeper into yourself for the solution! Because that’s what it actually is: a wake-up call without which you might never have the opportunity to discover your divine eternal flame of greatness, of Godliness.

Julian Rose is a writer, organic farmer, international activist and holistic practitioner/teacher. Two of Julian’s books ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ and ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ are particularly prescient reading for this time. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Pandemic: The Invention of a Disease Called Fear

The word ‘pandemic’ bears a similarity to the word ‘panic’ and indeed ‘pandemonium’. In fact ‘pandemic’ evokes an almost instant flush of fear in those easily manipulated by mass media, before any details have even touched the surface or context in which the word is being used.

Those who plan the major moves on the chess-board of covert human control know that by leading with the word ‘pandemic’ they have an instantly effective weapon at their disposal to psychologically weaken the resistance of individuals vulnerable to irrational and impressionistic mind sets.

So, in a world heavily conditioned by the proclamations of the mass media, the fear weapon has a huge psychological power.

As we have all witnessed over the past months, the Coronavirus story has been unleashed with barely contained lascivious delight by news media under orders from the purveyors of malevolent missions against mankind. Pumped-up to maximum volume and dispersed globally, the deliberately designed fear message has the instant effect of making the majority of people feel powerless. The Big problem is at large – and we the people feel small. This is the beginning of an entrapment which colours every aspect of daily life.

Most of humanity has undergone a process of education which depends for its effectiveness on the perceived power of some ‘authority’ to exert an unquestioned controlling influence over the general direction of the life. A source of influence that depends for its continuing effectiveness on never being subjected to rational scrutiny, or genuine examination of any kind. Such is the beguiling power of full-on indoctrination.

In the battle now raging for ‘who controls the world’, some of the largely hidden or disguised controlling agents of planetary life – are now appearing on the surface. And that’s why chaos and fear are very much ‘flavour of the month’. The Corona Contagion is chock full of idiosyncrasies; in fact there are so many nonsensical factors associated with media attempts to report on what’s going on, that one can only feel dazed and confused should one try and follow the script in real time.

However, what has become all too clear is the fact that large numbers of people are being herded – and are not resisting. The scare tactics being employed are more dangerous than the virus that is the excuse for deploying them. Under this induced state of psychosis all manner of tricks can be perpetrated on mankind – and that is precisely what we are witnessing at this time.

Many reading this will already be familiar with the ambitions of the controlling deep state ‘elite’ and will know that a pre-planned phase of social and economic chaos is a key factor in their attempted roll-out of totalitarian New World Order. We are now in this phase. It’s success depends upon a large body of people following the instructions passed down by the political puppets of the deep state and by the cowardly repetition of these instructions by the main stream media.

Once again, the fear card plays a key role. This time, in keeping a constant level of anxiety and hysteria on the boil, while working to ensure that those able to recognise the true nature of the scam are coerced into not stepping out of line, thereby risking their job, security or status within the rigidly enforced master/slave relationship of the status quo.

The whole sick edifice maintains its momentum based upon pure top-down deception and exploitation. Yet those at the receiving end largely choose to remain oblivious of the fact that they are being used and abused for the benefit of a fascist ideal. By not rebelling in the face of such treatment – but instead by complying with it – a mute populace establishes the basis of its own debasement and slavery.

These methods have been practised over and over again in the history of the world, and each time hind-sight reveals the motivation to have been an obsession with power and control, and the perpetrators to be a small number of psychopathic despots. Whether taking the form of military might, religious dogma or modern day corporate and banking control freaks, provided the drama has been well stage-managed and the ‘might has produced fright’, the hegemons get their way.

How well is the roll-out being stage-managed on this occasion – and what is the plan?

Owing to the trans-planetary link-ups that take place today, the ‘master plan’ is no longer a regional or national affair, but a global one. The main players have hatched the plot long before any of us get to know about it and gatherings like the Davos Economic Summit and Bildergerger meetings are used to gain consensus on the timing and methods to be deployed.

In the case of Covid-19, its appearance on the scene – or at least the spreading of the story about something nasty going under this name – is timed to divert attention from the speeding-up of the installation of what are deemed to be important spokes in the creation of a totalitarian New World Order. For example, the roll-out of 5G microwave modulated WiFi; a digitalised smart grid and ‘internet of things’; a robotic transport system; facial recognition population surveillance programmes; new strains of genetically modified organisms and vaccines, and so forth. However, the predominant game plan is to ‘re-set’ global finance so as to appear to be supporting the euphemistically named Green New Deal with its holy grail ‘Zero Carbon’.

The fact that China has likely been the initial bio-weapon target, does not detract from a more widespread aim to disrupt the world economy as a whole.

The effectiveness of this disruption depends upon the greater part of the populus being swept along in a bubble of blind belief in the authenticity of the ‘virtual’ story line. A line which disguises the very actual imposition of a fascist state.

I would say that the stage-management is pretty poor this time around. The plethora of contradictory and irrational clamp-down actions being imposed in the name of containing the bogey bug stretches the credibility of the operation to the braking point. In point of fact it’s a farce; but a farce which involves actual deaths and the support of a police state, cannot simply be laughed-off.

Instead, it can be put under the spotlight and be seen for what it is, a planned manipulation of the people and resources of this planet, whose main goading-tool consists of the well rehearsed art of spreading fear and panic. And this, in turn, to undermine the rational and common sense based gift which we have all been blessed with from birth, and which – when in good order – can clearly see through the facade and hold the line of reason and truth.

Many have seen this ‘order out of chaos’ drama coming for years. The chaos bit is with us right now and very visible. The ‘order’ is to follow and consists in the emergence of a peace maker – or peace plan – that involves the lead croupiers raking the chips off the roulette board and cashing them in to their temporary satisfaction. Thus allowing for a little holiday period in which the weak kneed can rejoice at their survival and bless the emergence of the ‘new order’, under the authority of no matter who or what, so long as they can believe that the world has been saved from anarchy and ruin.

Every one of us whose knees have not turned to jelly and whose brains have not turned to mind controlled pulp, must take this moment to declare ourselves, boldly and resolutely with these four words “We do not consent”.

There’s a surprise in store for the cowardly imposers of chaos – it is our time that’s coming and – not theirs. For ours is the True World Order which aligns with Universal Law, not the false laws of a manipulated status quo.

It is our re-emergent marriage with Universal Truth that is going to oust this scare loaded pandemic and all similar manifestations of dark-side deception that have gripped this planet for far too long. Our true-world-order is going to take on this obsessed and demonic dynasty, so that it stumbles, falls and fails to rise again.

Seize this auspicious moment – and let us be joined as one in an unwavering commitment to get off our knees and stand firm in the cause of defeating the ghosts of chaos and fear.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of organic farming, writer, broadcaster, international activist and holistic actor/thinker. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ has been acclaimed as ‘vitally prescient’ by readers and critics. See Julian’s website for more information www.julianrose.info

Tackling the Illegality of the 5G Roll-Out

Breaking Subservience to False Gods

Our planet is in the hands of false gods. Fake gods. So that everything over which they preside is tainted by falsity. It is a position which underscores institutions, industries and political agendas from one end of the planet to the other.

So when one arranges to meet with local, regional or central government authorities and officials, in order to press home a deep concern which is not being recognised or respected by those whose responsibility it is to investigate and take action, nine times out of ten one simply finds oneself confronting a handed-down clone of the fake god sitting on the top of the pile.

This, unfortunately, is the true nature of 21st century ‘democracy’ in action. Question the lack of genuine people representation on display and one is told one is fortunate to have been offered a meeting at all, never mind an outcome.

It is within the stiffling parameters of this type of reception that many of us engaged in actions to Stop 5G, are attempting to press our local/regional authorities into taking a responsible position concerning the health and welfare of their constituents – and finding ourselves essentially stymed.

At the top of the pile the fake god has already made up his/her mind that ‘the buck must be passed’ and no responsibility will be taken – full stop. And on the specific matter of 5G „Well, you can’t turn-down a good deal when it’s placed right in your lap, can you? I mean, the telecoms are dripping in money – and we’re always short of funds – not to mention my own earnings” says the false god, privately.

In the meeting room below where the false god sits on his throne, two or three institutionalised clerks dutifully await the end of the plaintif’s explanation of why 5G is far more dnagerous than any of us might at first have thought. How its pulsed millimetre microwave transmissions have been recognised by over 10,000 scientists as constituting a direct- and indeed lethal – threat to human health; and how empirical evidence has indeed proved this to be the case. Not only this – the plaintif persists – but the natural environment, animals, birds and insects are equally in the toxic firing-line of microwave radiation coming from multiple numbers of untested and unrequested transmitters.. „therefore we must be alert to this unprecedented threat to our community, at least until a thorough examination of the matter is carried out”.

Silence. Some feeble shuffling of papers. A sideways glance or two – then the fake boss-god’s fake under boss undertakes to clear the air „Any telecom communication’s technology that we choose to accept in our constituency will be in line with the legal norms of the INCIRP”. Pause. „We do not have the authority to questions the pros and cons of such systems, that is a matter for those who set the standards and publish the quidelines.”

Not surprisingly, one sees the false god’s values being regurgitated in those who simply ape the fakery at all levels of the pyramid. It is ‘standard procedure’ and is rarely transgressed.

However, just occasionally one does find a chink of light in the clerical armour; a secret sympathiser perhaps – that offers the opportunity of penetrating a little further into the fortress of falsification of facts. On rare occasions one even gets to the top floor, whereupon the glass bottles of spring water appear, tea and coffee are offered and a ‘charming’ senior assistant is sent out to deal with the essentially unwlecome guest. He/she smiles benignly, feigning an act of sympathetic understanding for the weary activist.

„We have read your letter and accompanying material carefully and recognise your concerns” is the initial response, briefly raising hopes that the contents might have actually penetrated the surface and lodged in the neocortex „however, we have no jurisdiction over the placing of transmitters or over the matter of any public health concerns that might arise in certain instances. We might suggest that you write to the Minister of Digitalisation and Sport should you require any further clarification in these matters. We do appreciate you showing concern and can assure you that your remarks have been carefully noted by the relevant officer.”

You see, the false gods know their stuff. In many respects they are true masters of deception. Well trained. A bit clumsy at the local level perhaps, but more and more sophisticated as one gets closer to the inner sanctum of government and industry. Behind the veil at the top end are some very hard nosed crooks indeed who, while switching on the charm, mean exactly the opposite of what they say. The British variety are masters in this!

So, how to get beyond this wall of denial?

For those of us working on various levels of Stop 5G activism, this is a key question. Confronted by a barrage of stone-walling at the regulatory level, we are faced with the challenge of finding just enough of a chink in the state armoury to get a proper litigation case together; one that would prize open the current obstructions and put the perpetrators of the essentially illegal 5G roll-out in the dock. There are now a plethora of such challenges nearing a state of readiness in a number of European countries and in the USA.

While activities on this level are intensifying, one cannot rely on a break-through taking place in the near future. The false gods also run the justice system. Almost all legal judgements apart from those emenating from Common Law, are top-down weighted. So, while one (quite rightly) pursues the litigation path of action, there is an equal necessity to work relentlessly on one’s own local community, raisng awareness – while steadilly collecting a small army of Stop 5G supporters ready to stand firm in their commitment – to prevent preditory telecoms gaining access to their territory.

This is the true battle ground of a more profound change. Because in explaining and sharing the explosive truth of what 5G actually is, one cannot avoid touching on what 2,3and 4G also are. In reality they are all secret weapons whose dangers have been known to their inventors fom the outset. 5G is simply the ‘crown jewels’ of covert killer technologies, with an indiscriminate breadth of fire-power that takes-in not just human beings, but the natural environment, animals, birds and insects, as well as the ability to corrupt the very DNA of life itself.

Gaining recognition that all forms of wireless microwave transmissions, including – and in particular – WiFi, have a deletarious effect on the health and welfare of those who use them (and on those who don’t) can be the key breakthrough to ushering in a major reevaluation – of not just one’s choice of communication medium, but also the potential of a major life-style change. It can mean the difference between implicitly placing one’s trust in the false gods who run the show around which our lives revolve, to grasping the necessity of taking control of our destinies and thereby breaking the chains of slavery to the system.

Those working ‘on the ground’ to prevent 5G from becoming established in their surrounding neighbourhoods, are faced by the often daunting task of needing to explain to their neighbours that to purchase the latest and fastest electromagnetic gismo is not in their best interests, nor those of their family. That ‘smart phones’ aren’t smart and that the nearest mobile phone tower is not a friendly icon of the age of convenience – but a continuous purveyor of toxic electro smog. And of course, that 5G is quite simply a permanent huge red light.

The only way to do this without appearing to be a typical hypocrit, is to show that one believes one’s own words and has acted upon this belief. This translates as ditching one’s mobile phone. Stop 5G activists who have achieved this status are the true pioneers of a future freed from the perpetual and ubiquitous spread of a toxic blanklet of deeply intrusive microwave pollution.

Those who haven’t yet taken this step, but whose developing knowledge makes them aware of the need, form the main army of active Stop 5G proponents at this time. Although compromised by establishing an unrealistic cut-off point between 5G and 4/3G, their efforts to stop 5G are vital in the overal scheme of things.

If the 5G roll-out can be blocked by the will of local communities and the success of one community bolsters the chance of success in others, and this knock-on process starts to roll across the land with increasing momentum, then we are in with a very real chance of securing at least one deeply meaningful victory for this planet’s pro-life forces of responsibility and sanity – over the anti-life forces of irresponsibility and insanity.

If this should be coupled with a famous court victory, leading to the start of a dominoes effect here too, we may well start to sense that we are on the cusp of a more far reaching turning point in the affairs of man.

False gods – beware.

Nota bene: 5G in space is not treated here – but will be tackled separately in the near future.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of organic farming, writer, broadcaster, international activist and holistic actor/thinker. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ has been acclaimed as ‘vitally prescient’ by readers and critics. See Julian’s website for more information www.julianrose.info

– Fake-Green Zero Carbon Fraud – ‘Destroying The World to Save It’

If the grand plan to ‘decarbonise the planet’ was based upon a human scale renewable energy supply and de-corporatised, decentralised, small scale environmentally friendly distribution patterns – I would have no argument with the initiators. On the contrary, I would applaud such a rare demonstration of holistic thinking.

But the reality is very, very different. In fact it could not be more opposite. The plan being put into effect actually constitutes not a slowing down – but a significant expansion of the existing highly centralised finite energy mining and distribution apparatus, backed by a rampant corporatocracy, devious propaganda and unashamed political spin.

Emerging evidence increasingly points to deliberate actions being engaged in to bring about the very conditions that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims to be trying to prevent. This United Nation’s organisation and its followers, appear to be intent upon expanding the volume of anthropogenic pollutants being released into the atmosphere, rather than reducing them.

The IPCC “CO2 causes global warming” position, adopted by a plethora of industries and institutions determined to benefit from its decree, has already been exposed as a fraudulent misrepresentation of the truth. Making CO2 into ‘the devil in our midst’ is an overtly false trail which I have dealt with in an earlier article.*

Observe carefully and you will notice that the great majority of political pronouncements made by leading protagonists of ‘cabal politics’ are subsequently reversed in the actions that follow. Promises of peace are followed-up by acts of war; promises of prosperity for all are followed by a widening of the poverty gap. Claims of trying to stabilize the planet’s climate are followed by acts of wilful destabilisation – and so on.

This ‘reversal of truth’ formula is the trick used by power seeking despots who have adopted dark-side practices designed to suppress – and quite literally reverse – peoples natural propensity for humanitarian expressions of warmth and mutual respect. Instead, turning those qualities into cold and calculating acts of division.

Since our world is currently in the grip of this ‘cabal agenda’ whose goals are not mutable nor flexible, attempts are being made to make it appear that every serious geological/environmental upheaval manifesting on this planet – is happening due to (the phony) ‘global warming’.


The 2020 Imperative – Cease Being Mesmerised By Demons

We have a vast global communication network at our fingertips, a significant part of which has long since been hijacked by the purveyors of ‘the daily matrix’. But another part of which still manages to operate within a spectrum that gives a possibility for what we refer to as ‘freedom of speech’.

Used intelligently, this spectrum can substantially increase one’s knowledge and raise one’s awareness. But used unintelligently and indiscriminately it can act as a hypnotic sponge and conveyor of false ideologies; a direct extension of ‘the daily matrix’s’ mass conveyance of state and corporate indoctrination. But the choice of what information is sought – and what technology is used to convey it – is, of course, the prerogative of the individual.

However, one first has to be an individual. One cannot make a rational choice unless one has identified one’s self as having the ability to recognise realities outside the standard prevailing influences of the day. Outside those conditions imposed by the state and corporate propaganda machine. To be ‘an individual’ means to be discerning; and that is the starting point of all true decision making.

Most reading this article will no doubt class themselves as individuals, and therefore accustomed to utilising the power of discernment in their daily thoughts and actions. Which is all well and good. However, being in possession of this quality does not guarantee that some – probably many – will not retain an unquestioning attachment to the more subtly subversive news and views transmitted across the airwaves by that which we call ‘mainstream media’. (more…)

‘The Calculated Subversion of Humanity’ and how to resist it

As we transition into 2020, our World is in the grip of a deliberate attempt to destroy the fundamental values upon which all civilised life depends.

Humanitarian values of love, kindness, compassion and mutual support – are being deliberately blocked, distorted and down-graded as part of a global propaganda regime designed to indoctrinate the people of this planet into selfish, materialistic and essentially passive ‘convenience’ life styles.

While today’s ‘world media headlines’ are strictly confined to reflect the ethos of the corporations that sponsor and control them. That ethos is profit and power – the methodology is coercion.

Meanwhile ‘social media’ brainwashes its users with a ‘virtual reality’ world of superficial and emotional trivia – making young people, in particular, slaves to instant access convenience.

As if this wasn’t enough – a huge push is being made to sell ‘global warming/climate change’ as the definitive cause of various predicted ‘extinction events’ which, we are told, will bring about the collapse of all the natural systems that supply humanity with its present needs. Fear is being used as the primary tool for the uptake of this doctrine.

The villain chosen to lead this war against humanity is a harmless natural gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) which is now being cited as the undisputed killer of all killers, by governments, corporations and multi millionaires – who just yesterday were claiming fossil fuel energy as the only way that global industry can maintain necessary levels of production to meet the needs of the majority of the world’s people.

Soros, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Zuckerberg, Gates and fellow members of an elite cabal, have noted that even more money can be made out of managing a ‘green economy’ than a dark brown one. Green New Deal – aka ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ – is their current slogan for capturing and controlling all aspects of the green market place. Under the cooked-up pretext of preventing global warming/climate change.

While public attention is turned towards this planetary wide deception – telecom corporations are rolling-out their deeply toxic 5G microwave technologies, as the so called ‘smart solution’ to just about everything. A solution that perfectly fills the bill for these corporations, since it makes mankind a servant to the machine rather than its master. In this case, the 100% wireless machines that exert a rapidly tightening control over all aspects of our daily lives as well as 100% surveillance of all our activities, from the bedroom to the board room.

Surveillance, that comes from largely invisible weapons, whose radiated microwave emissions wage a highly destructive war on all human, animal, insect and plant life of the planet; leading to the subsequent introduction of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as a synthetic replacement for sentient human beings. A subject I deal with a t length in my new book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’.

All of this, you understand, is being spun on the back of a purported ‘climate emergency’ and the subsequent need for a Green New Deal – as a means to make money from this emergency.

But, let us tell the facts: the world is not warming, the climate change that is occurring – and the climate is always changing – is doing so not due to an excess of CO2, which constitutes just 0.039 % of atmospheric elements – but due to unreported human and natural causes. Unreported because mainstream media defends the great deception, and not the truth.

The most significant ‘human’ causes associated with the disruption of the climate at this time are atmospheric aerosol geoengineering (chemtrails), ubiquitous electro-smog, HAARP ionospheric heaters, war and war games.

The most significant ‘natural’ causes come from changing sun spot activity, a weakening magnetosphere, the shifting Poles and changes in ocean current oscillations – amongst others.

‘Green New Deal’ (Fourth Industrial Revolution) is neither green, nor new, nor a deal. It is an unprecedented scam, which, if put into effect, will involve a global mining operation many times greater than than the one which produces the world’s present requirements for oil, coal and gas – combined. The objective, as stated by the leading institutions promoting it – is ‘Zero Carbon’.

To switch the world over to the new renewable energy machinery necessary to generate 100% of the population’s manufactured energy requirements – will require the construction of a vast new corporate owned and tax payer sponsored infrastructure. One whose ‘non-green’ embedded energy requirement would far outstrip the amount of genuinely green energy subsequently generated.

A vast manufacturing programme which would involve the mining and processing of exponential volumes of fossil fuels and rare earth minerals in every region of the world – raising the spectrum of the almost certain extinction of our species.

It is surely abundantly clear that this is an entirely insane idea, which would be immediately consigned to the dustbin, if anyone still capable of rational human thought was at the helm of world affairs.

Yet this is the present agenda being proposed by leading Green NGO’s, governments, bankers, super-states, billionaires and even well paid climatologists; all of whom have demonstrated themselves to be immune to the fact that they are pushing forward a programme which combines genocide, ecocide and homicide all rolled into one. A ‘big brother’ overseen global package, under the perverse and twisted moniker of ‘sustainable development’. Brain-child of the two faced United Nations.

SOLUTION: We need Resistance. Absolute, uncompromising and sustained resistance – until our job is done – and the perpetrators of this anti-life programme have been unceremoniously removed from their despotic thrones. Such an action has to be done in order to enable the flowering of ‘true humanity’ to finally take centre stage – leading to an unstoppable process of global healing.

For this flowering to become manifest, we need decentralised, people-led local economies and local – not central – governance. The imperative is for ‘we the people’ to now take back full control of our destinies and reclaim our true relationship with nature and with each other; before both we and nature are beyond the point of being rescued.

That means the propagation of truly ‘human scale’ ecological and community oriented land management practices, skilled civil engineering and traditional artisan building programmes and farming methods that ensure the widespread availability of nutritious, fresh ‘real food’ – as well as essential quality-crafted products that are built to last. It means an end to vast banker led global marketing and centralised energy distribution structures, and an end to the supermarket ‘convenience’ stores that sell over-packaged, overpriced, over travelled, and over rated fake foods.

We are talking about a major shift of emphasis that rids this world of the agrichemical and genetically modified toxic foods responsible for an ever larger number of people getting ever more sick; while real farmers loose their ability to survive, due to consumers abandoning them for the very corporations that are systematically destroying the resource base of the planet.

Let an aware body of citizens become firmly established – and lead by example – thereby demonstrating that they will not live ‘the life of hypocrisy’ ubiquitous amongst the political class of the planet, with all the disastrous results that follow.

The first major step in all this, is to demonstrate that we can be responsible enough to govern ourselves, according to the deeper values we claim to believe in. For only once a ‘responsible’ self-governing foundation is firmly laid, can that which follows reflect the true path of spiritual and human evolution which is our ever beckoning destiny.

Julian Rose is author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through, now available from independent book stores and Amazon. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Julian is an international activist, writer, broadcaster, organic farming pioneer and actor. In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi.

A letter to the Polish Ministry of Health

Profesor Łukasz Szumowski
Ministerstwo Zdrowia RP
ul. Miodowa 15, 
00-952 Warszawa

For attention of Mr Adam Bodnar – Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich

Dear Łukasz Szumowski,

I was shocked to learn that the Polish Ministry of Health has sanctioned an increase in the permitted levels of electromagnetic microwave radiation in Poland. This, in full knowledge of the fact that electromagnetic microwave radiation is a known carcinogen whose dangers to the well-being of man, animals, birds and insects is recognised in more than ten thousand independent peer reviewed scientific documents from scientists based all over the world.

Sanctioning an increase in existing ‘known to be harmful’ radiation levels goes directly against the Precautionary Principle enshrined in European law and recognised by all EU member states. What’s more, this is being done to Polish citizens with grossly inadequate time being apportioned for public consultation, and therefore “without public consent”.

The Polish public share, with all other EU States ‘the right to informed consent’ as enshrined in UN Law. By proposing to push through this Act with grossly inadequate consultation, you are standing against fundamental democratic principles and a significant number of globally recognised International Conventions respecting fundamental human rights.

The exposure of citizens, and indeed the full spectrum of the natural environment, to non ionised pulsed high-frequency radiation, such as that being directed by 5G, constitutes a breach of Human Rights. Turning your back on public concerns and supporting the telecommunication industry’s rush to introduce 5G microwave irradiation – with absolutely no health checks being carried out into its safety – is a fundamental act of injustice that will not stand-up in a bona fide court of law.

We therefore urge you to rethink your actions before taking any further steps. Aside from Polish citizens, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the World take great pleasure in visiting your Country each year. This will cease once such visitors become informed that permitted radiation levels in Poland have been allowed to far exceed genuine independent scientific guidelines.

We most urgently call upon you to place the health and safety of your constituency before the demands of an industry intent upon mass marketing an untested technology, internationally recognised for its capacity to be an acute danger to public health.

Why I Don’t Have a Mobile Phone

In the late 1990’s I bought an early model Ericsson mobile phone. Travelling around the UK countryside visiting farmers, it seemed quite useful, in spite of the very intermittent signal availability of that time. However, I found the masts which transmitted the signals to be extremely ugly and completely unfitting to the rolling beauty of much of the English countryside.

After a while I started feeling the side of my head to which I held the phone, heating-up. It was an unpleasant sensation and it concerned me that using this device involved putting-up with such physical discomfort. So one fine day I dumped it – kissing goodbye to the supposed ‘need’ for this wireless gismo and being thankful for the experience of being once again free to muse on the deeper nature of things without being interrupted by a plethora of incoming communications that, more often than not, contained little of value and could have been made via a landline.

It wasn’t until about ten years later that I started realising that others were completely addicted to this form of communication, and that the wireless cell phone’s way of working meant that the signals from the masts penetrated the human body and affected internal organs, especially the frontal cortex and hippocampus areas of the brain.

I remembered the x ray machines which, when I was a young boy, I used to stand in in the shoe shop and see the bones of my feet outlined clearly in a rather spooky pale green light. It made me realise that something similar was happening here – with the cell phone held against the sacred temple of the human head.

Soon I heard of people suffering headaches, nausea and giddiness after extensive time spent talking on their mobiles. I learned that the reason for this is that the transmission signals are actually microwaves – and I already knew that microwave ovens cook from the inside out – destroying the nutrients of foods cooked in the normal way, from the outside in. The UK organic food standards, which I contributed to as an early organic farmer, banned the use of microwave ovens in restaurants serving organic food, for this reason.

In the early years of the new millenium, Jadwiga Lopata and I set off on our epic campaign to prevent GMO getting into the Polish countryside – and indeed into Poland – which involved a lot of travel and a lot of meetings with a lot of people! We ultimately succeeded in fulfilling our task of getting every Polish Province to declare itself a GMO Free Zone, and soon after, achieving a national ban on the import and planting of GMO enacted by the Polish government. All this without the use of a mobile phone, Jadwiga having also rejected this technology for pretty much the same reasons as me.

This is surely a lesson for all those who throw up their hands in horror when presented with the evidence as to why they should ditch electromagnetic microwave radiation technologies that are now known to be destroying human health – and the health of the natural environment as well.

In the past decade a huge volume of evidence has been collated by doctors and scientists outlining exactly what EMF transmissions do to us all – and just how devastating are the consequences of becoming addicted to these pocket sized radiation bombs. Even when passively sitting in one’s pocket or next to one’s bed, scientists have shown how microwaves continue to actively pass through the cell phone’s internal mechanism and on to the human user. Toxic and carcinogenic pulsed radiation – which is the antithesis of nature’s benign vibratory wave signals – are picked-up by the cells and neurons of our body and brain.

In a period of just thirty years, our planetary and atmospheric environment has been turned into an electromagnetic soup of highly charged non ionising radiation, emitted by WiFi transmitters placed in virtually all hotels, restaurants, public transport systems and town centres of the Western World and beyond. In addition, literally millions of mobile phone base station transmitters are operating from houses, schools, hospitals and street furniture across a great swathe of Europe and North America and even extending into national parks and sanctuaries, where once one could escape their pervasive influence.

In the sky too, pulsed radiation transmissions are beamed down from satellites that guide the satellite navigation systems in cars and trucks, passing directly on to passengers most of whom have no idea that they are the recipients of these debilitating transmissions.

Probably the most worrying thing, as regards human, animal, plant and insect life, is that scientists have revealed the dangers to be ‘cumulative’ – that is – building-up incrementally over time, so that it may not be until twenty or thirty years of use that those involved are struck-down with varying types of cancers or neurological, physiological and psychological diseases. When it comes to outcomes for the health and well-being of both children and adults, we are playing with fire – and there can be no denying this fact.

This is a mass produced communications technology ‘untested’ for its health and welfare implications – and now vested in the hands of telecommunications and social media giants pulling in unprecedented financial profits that are placing them in an earning bracket greater than Big Pharma and Big Oil combined.

So ask yourself this: do you want to support the giant corporations rolling-out their latest weapons of mass destruction under the banner of 5G? Do you want to be an accomplice to the non ionising irradiation which is denaturing the very DNA of our irreplaceable planetary gene pool? Did you revolt against GMO? Do you see how your mobile phone is GMO in a new guise? Just another tool for the genetic modification of humanity.

Are you going to remain passively indifferent to the fate of birds, bees, insects, plants and trees which have never before lived amongst the electro magnetic pulsed signals that are now interrupting their essential biological sensitivities and survival mechanisms?

Wake up, my friends, the hour is late. Very late. I can promise you this, you will be hugely relieved to discover that dumping your mobile phone brings with it a renewed and refreshing sense of individual freedom. The sense that one can, after all, take control of one’s destiny without the aid of a convenience accessory that is draining the life out of life itself.

Julian Rose is author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through, now available from Amazon and Dixi Books. See www.julianrose.info for more information.

Julian is an international activist, writer, broadcaster, organic farming pioneer and actor. In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi.

Zero Carbon, 5G Denial and Green-Fascism

Why is it that the two words ‘Zero Carbon’ send a cool shiver down my spine? Is it the ‘zero’ or is it the ‘carbon’? Or is it particularly the combination of the two?

I wasn’t sure, until I looked-up ‘zero carbon’ within a scientific context addressing greenhouse gasses, and the answer that came back was this “If there were no greenhouse gasses the average temperature on Earth would be about -18 degrees celsius”. Now I know why the cool shiver passed down my spine.

The high profile use of this zero carbon goal, particularly via Green New Deal proponents upping the pressure on governments to follow-through their commitments to the Paris climate change treaty, carries with it the overtones of a global crusade. And the missionary zeal behind global crusades is often drummed-up by people and institutions guided by dogma rather than by conscious and humanitarian instincts for a better world.

An exploration of the roots of the ambition to achieve ‘zero carbon’ reveals a direct link to ‘climate action’/’climate emergency’ measures promoted via Extinction Rebellion, advocates of a Green New Deal and the ‘sustainable development’ edicts of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 – now renamed Agenda 2030.

All of these ‘stop global warming’ institutions/movements are heavily backed by money derived from sources that have no record of following a transparently ‘green’ commitment within their own ethos or business practices. (more…)