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Going Back to Our Roots

Julian Rose

This article is taken from Resurgence magasine May/June 2010

The green movement needs to revisit its fundamental principles; including (and especially) ‘Small is beautiful’, writes Julian Rose.

In the rush of excitement over both government and corporate moves to back green solutions for tackling climate change, many of the lessons so clearly spelled out by our founding fathers, including Leopold Kohr and E. F. Schumacher, have been all-too-hastily abandoned by those who should have known better. (more…)


FARM is a UK based organisation that seeks to close the gap between good traditional and organic farms that produce ‘real food’ and those who wish to purchase this food in its optimum condition (see ‘links’). This means ‘locally’. FARM also works at the political level in pressing for recognition of mixed family farming traditions and the value they bring to rural communities. It is intent on unifying all those who feel unrepresented by the big UK ‘National Farmers Union’. Currently FARM is drawing up a plan entitled ‘Transition Farms’ to tie-in with the burgeoning ‘Transition Town’ movement. The author is a participant.