Climate Ready Crops and Chemtrails

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On June 6th, one brave soul from Jasna Gora Radio News did a great service to Polish citizens. He reported on strange goings-on in the sky around Poland; reports of aeroplanes, flying high in the sky and leaving a trail of vapour behind them that did not dissolve like normal jet vapours, but stuck in the sky and filled-out into veil-like clouds, creating a haze which partly obscured the sun.

He spoke of the many people who had witnessed these events and had made contact with him. Some used binoculars to try and find out what markings these mysterious planes carried. Most, they said, were unmarked and most probably of military origin. The substance causing the trails appeared to be coming from an area near the tail fin or just below the engines and, due to the large number of aircraft criss crossing the sky, geometric patterns of white trails were steadily formed across a large area of sky. They were definitely different, said the observers, from the condensed water that freezes behind high flying jets at around 5,000 metres and then quickly dissolves and disperses into the atmosphere.

What these people were witnessing are what are commonly called “chemtrails”. ‘Chem’ because the substance being exuded from these aircraft has been analysed (by a number of laboratories around the world) and found to contain a very strange mixture of ingredients, variously reported as: Barium, Ethylene Dibromide, aluminium nano particles and silicon. Barium is a metallic substance containing a radioactive isotope; Ethylene Dibromide is a pesticide, carcinogen and chemical toxin. Aluminium nano particles are found to pollute the blood stream and are connected with Alzheimer’s disease.

Why then, would jet aircraft be spraying these elements into the atmosphere?

Firstly, it is important to know that ‘chemtrails’ are prolific, having been seen by thousands in the skies of North America and Europe on a virtually daily basis for well over ten years. Many attempts have been made by citizens in various Countries to elicit information from government bodies as to what exactly is going on? Who owns these planes? Who gives them permission to fly through sovereign air space? Exactly what are they spraying – and why are they spraying?

No clear answer has ever been given. And in many cases officials simply claim that they are just ordinary aeroplane ‘contrails’ and that there is nothing more to it.

However, we now know better. Researching the subject reveals that the US authorities have been playing with these poisoned jet trails for around two decades and have recently admitted the fact , stating that the veil of cloud resulting from these trails is intentional and is being carried out on the pretext that it may provide a solution to climate change. Reflecting back the sun’s rays and thereby providing a screen against terrestrial global warming.

In spite of the existence of an international treaty to protect the upper atmosphere, the US has managed to make these spraying activities a ‘fait accomplis’ but at the same time is refusing to provide any evidence of the ingredients of this toxic air-born cocktail. The suppression of ‘global warming’ is hardly a credible answer to what is, by any account, an extraordinary invasion of citizens rights to clean air, water and soil. Aluminium sours the soil and makes it saline, reducing crop growth and establishing a toxic chain reaction through the food chain. Nano particles make ingestion by humans and animals more pervasive and dangerous. Aluminium inhalation and digestion is also believed to have a marked destabilising/depressant effect on the neocortex.

Ethylene Dibromide is a toxic pesticide and fumigant. It is recognised as potentially lethal when inhaled regularly. It is currently used for the control of wax moths in beehives and against bark beetles and termites. It can seriously impair liver and kidney function and effect reproduction by damaging sperm cells in the testicles.

Silicon is a common matalloid more often associated with computer manufacture and mobile phones than aircraft emissions.

When one puts together the full picture of this bizarre experiment one cannot help but realise something is very badly wrong. By passing publicly the information passed on to him by observers from all over Poland, the courageous gentlemen from Jasna Gora News has helped raise our awareness. No longer will it be so easy for deniers to shout ‘lunatic!’ or ‘conspiracy!’ at those who speak honestly about what they perceive to be true. The fact is that millions of people are the unsuspecting recipients of a sinister cocktail of metals and chemicals being rained down on them quite deliberately by unmarked aircraft criss crossing the skies of Europe and North America on a continual basis.

One thing seems sure – they are not stabilising the climate. They are almost certainly destabilising it. After one particularly virulent day of ‘chemtrail’ activity in the Southern Malopolska skies early this May, the rains started – and didn’t stop for 3 weeks. Others reported similar incidence in other regions.

Could ‘chemtrails’ serve the purpose of hidden weapons of mass destruction and climate modification? Could the toxic cocktail they rain down on earth act as a suppressant of the free functioning of human intelligence and overall human health?

Are they rendering our soils toxic and at the same time inducing bizarre weather patterns that knock out traditional agricultural practices and pave the way for ‘Climate Ready’ GM crops and seeds that will then come to dominate the human food chain? More than five hundred patents for ‘Climate Ready’ GM crops and seeds are now awaiting licences in the corridors of power in Washington and Brussels.

Who is behind this culling of our planetary species?

Everyone has a right to know the answers to these questions – and to ask many more. Its a matter of life or death.

Julian Rose

June 7th 2010