The Challenge of Eternal Life

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Eternal Life: a promise which has always seemed, well .. let’s say.. somewhat out of reach..
But then, whoever was it who told us that such a state might be attainable to Earth bound mortals?
I’m not sure – was it Jesus? And then, would any of us actually consider this sort of eternal life a blessing? I doubt it .. maybe more the opposite, especially if this life was viewed as the template for all lives to come!

But what if it wasn’t – and some bolder vision was able to take centre stage in our lives – what then?

What if talk of ‘eternal life’ was never supposed to be about human life alone, but to go much further and address the infinite power of the spirit which simply finds a passing home in our human bodies, on planet Earth. Seen in this light, our human bodies are the vehicles that both carry and are born along by the great spirit; and like all vehicles, they eventually wear out and are recycled. Yet the spirit carries on – eternally.

But when I refer to ‘we’ who or what exactly do I mean? Who are ‘we’? Could it be that ‘we’ are in fact as much spirit as we are third density corporeal beings? If so, well .. maybe we could have some serious role in the drama called eternal life after all! Soaring upwards on our mission like Buzz Lightyear winging his way “To eternity .. and beyond”

Maybe up until now, we have been mislead by the fact that the inquiry has centred around whether or not it is possible ‘to have eternal life’. For in the possessive verb ‘have’ we find a lack of movement – a lack of dynamic. Life is not, after all, a possession. And lest we forget, movement is the one constant of universal physics .. we cannot actually stand still .. although by not intentionally grasping the joy of movement, we can stagnate; which is probably the closest one can come to ‘no movement’ and in that sense – death.

Yet as we know, the physical body has a limited life, breaking down into various forms of biological matter after completing its role in this life. In fact, in its state of decomposition – it still goes on – and also never stops moving. However, like all physical forms within third density existence, the process can be measured by time and is subject to the laws of gravity.

But then take a good look at these physical forms under a powerful microscope – and lo and behold they lose their three dimensional fixedness – and start swirling around – in a wild dance of atoms. That’s us!

No need to head out for the party – it’s here and now! And the passage of time never diminishes this great dance – only transforms it.

So here we can see that ‘eternal life’ most probably really does exist and a snapshot of that eternal life is also observable at the sub atomic quantum level. At this level, the process of transformation of even the minutest visible particles can be observed – as was the case of quantum physicist Neils Bohr – to shift enigmatically between a speck, a wave and a dance; while simultaneously, the absolute objectivity of perception of the viewer was called into question – because the viewer and what he/she views are not so distinct – but both part of one collective expression: Life.

The dancing wave under the microscope could equally be, in part, the vibrational input of the viewer and not simply the way a distant object behaves. Thus the quantum experiment greatly expanded our awareness of the interactivity of what was previously considered ‘subject’ and ‘object’.

Eternal Life then, is something we do access after all – so long as we get to realize who that ‘we’ is!
Hmm.. did I say that already? Are we going around in a circle? No, not quite, because the Universe is actually not circular but an elipse. . and the distinction is important. It is due to the elipse that the power of magnetism gains enough strength to bend the light around stars on its way to Earth. A ‘bending’ which was brought to our attention by Albert Einstein.

Thus life is not circular, we never return to exactly where we started on our great voyage, but move up a notch on the completion of each revolution or cycle of life – often measured in periods such as seven, ten or fourteen years etc..

Observed from the outside, this could look like moving along one coil of a multi coiled spiral. In moving onto the next loop of the coil we pass over the place where we were (so to speak) say seven years back; possibly even picking-up some peripheral resonance – and memory – from the energy manifestation of that time. This, due to the fact that the elipse creates points at which our journey moves closer to or further away from certain key transforming points. Just as, for example, Earth experiences more intense manifestations of (climatic) energy at winter and summer solstices – and when passing closer to or further from our sun and various planetary forces.

That our lives move in this spiral formation is due to a mix of forward propulsion and gravity – particularly the elipse inspired gravity that is particular to this Universe.

Given the universality of spirit energy – with which our spirit is inseparable – it does become possible to speak about ‘living forever’ and being ‘infinite spirit’.

Although initially baulking at the notion, it no longer seems quite so implausible .. that in some way we really do live forever – forming endless links in an ongoing and inseparable chain of wave like movements. These words come to you from a window that has just opened in the vast flowing current of this endless river..

At the point of transformation called death, the corporeal responds to gravity and goes downwards while the spirit defies gravity and is drawn upwards. At this point ‘we’ – provided we have embraced life with a certain fullness – are expressed as Spirit, and go with the uplift.

Once we allow ourselves to be subsumed into our universal origins – and destinies – we cannot separate our life span from that of this Universe which is our eternal home. A home which itself will eventually experience its own death and rebirth on the vast macrocosmic scale of the greater cosmos.

So we should rejoice in that which gives momentum to this ever expanding Creation. A Creation in which each of our lives play their part, as a guiding force, and in which our memories form a collective well which can only be described as bottomless.

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