On the Brink

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Note: the author commenced the writing of this essay prior to the US elections.

I feel uneasy. Like I’m bracing for something. As if something devious and illusive is being hatched behind my back by unseen forces of a distinctly untrustworthy nature. That’s what it feels like.

The uneasiness is not entirely negative, as it seems to be gearing me up to be prepared for something, something big. Some ‘event’ which could be surprisingly close at hand.

Now upon further scrutiny, I recognize that this isn’t purely something personal. It’s something ‘in the air’, as they say. It’s a state of tension; something like the way atmospheric pressure builds-up just before a thunderstorm.

It’s as though some warning system is engaging itself at the gut level. Is the species called ‘human’ about to undergo some big upheaval? Something that takes us all to the brink? Are we approaching the end point of our long engagement with this profligate, insupportable materialistic life style to which much of humanity has been wedded for so long?

Or is what I’m feeling the planet herself – sending out a warning signal “My message has not been heard; my voice has been ignored; my sinews are aching; poisons are eating into my veins. I have my limits, and they are now at hand. I’m about to blow.”

We are vibrationally connected to Earth. We pick-up her signals, and she picks up ours. It’s a two way affair. But one party is refusing to engage in this dialogue; refusing to acknowledge that there even is a dialogue.

One party is still stumbling forward, doggedly refusing to change course. Just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic; hell bent on fulfilling the seeming obligations of its estranged world; divorced from nature and divorced from itself. But there are limits, and this party is stretching those limits to the breaking point.

Yet even while it continues to force itself down the sterile route to oblivion, this party’s true self is sending out another communication altogether: “my message is not being heard; my voice is ignored; my sinews are aching; poisons are eating into my veins. I have my limits and they are now at hand. I’m about to blow.”

Yes, it’s one message finding expression in two inseparably interconnected mediums: a living Earth and a living being inhabiting this living Earth. But the will of the latter is out of sync with the former, despite the fact that at the subconscious level, its essential being continues to vibrate in harmony with the planet’s essential being.

The party that occupies planet Earth, is isolating itself within a cocoon of its own making. A grey, metallic type of cocoon. One which blocks out the surrounding view, leading it to believe that its world is the only world, and that planet Earth exists only to serve its ends. And in so doing, this party has set itself on a collision course with the omnipotent will of its creator. Our starting, ending and life long point of absolute reference.

However, such truth cannot be denied forever; it is a cosmic being. Truth resides at the centre. At the centre of all. The time for that truth to be manifest in greatly magnified form, is at hand. And this spells trouble for all still in denial of its existence. Still pressing-on down the steely, grey road of self interested abstraction, upon which travel all parties that have attempted to sever the umbilical cord to their cosmic origins. To cut off the guiding force of nature which is harmoniously at one with the rhythm of the universe.

These parties, bereft and stuck in the prison of denial, thus feel the lack of something, internally; and try to fill that vacuum by paying obeisance to the false gods of conflict; with their promises of material satisfaction, victory over others and a stake in the rich pickings garnered from the spoils of war. Actual war, and the war that rages-on within the sick institutions that house the politics of power.

They are led, by the nose, by forces they do not understand at all. Forces that have no feelings; no compassion; no empathy for the human condition. No comprehension of – nor any desire to comprehend – the power of love.

It is these forces (mostly unseen) that are masterminding and manipulating the fall into slavery of millions, if not billions of parties coming under the title of humans. Those who succumb to this

‘parallel universe’ in which deception and lies are the ruling principles. A place where the living world of truth, justice and joy, is portrayed as a place for madmen and fools. Yes, those madmen and fools who have dared to step out of the schizophrenic hysteria we call society.

All this has brought things to the brink. Has caused our living planet to reach a point where the underlying exigence of nature, under direct threat of extinction, must show her true force so as to rid herself of that which would otherwise bring irreparable harm. Irreparable harm to the continuing provision of the sustained support of humanity – and all living beings – which has existed since the birth of sentient life on this planet.

My uneasy feeling, which seems mostly unwilling to take a back seat, is, I believe, the expression of this point of crisis at which humanity and humanity’s home, stands. And I sense that I’m not alone here.. and that many may feel similarly. The sense is that we are living at a defining moment in history. Maybe even countenancing the upwardly rising energies of a great mutation. If so, this can surely be nothing less than Earth shaking.

Mutations are not negative events, in spite of the violent throes that emanate forth during them. The process is that of clearing dead energy. Of firing negative karma. Of sweeping clean that which blocks the arteries of creativity and has contempt for spontaneity and joy.

So as we tremble on the edge, in anticipation of some great change, we can simultaneously take courage in the knowledge that the destructive element is also working with us – and for us. That which is real and enduring is forging a fresh path through the detritus of dead matter that has blocked the way.

Our essence, clouded and crowded out by a false reality moving blindly towards oblivion, is to be released. Released from its entanglement in the centralized system of mind controlled serfdom.

So even as the uneasy feeling spreads its invisible tensions within, the sense of potentially transformative aftermath hovers just behind.

My right hand falls upon the handle of the symbolic sword at my side. It is nothing more or less than a talisman of renewing courage. I am the Green Knight of old, girding my loins and preparing my charger for the ride of rides – straight through the hail and fire – eyes riveted on the goal of physical and spiritual emancipation.

Or, if you prefer a somewhat less heroic journey: casting aside the anxiety ridden garbage of a rudderless mind, and embracing instead the great quest of following the soul to its centre of absolute stillness.

Take your pick, they are at bottom the same journey. It matters not which you choose. Just let your powers of perception and spirit of adventure lead the way.

You are on a quest without end. An infinite quest. And the closer you get to its core, the more you resonate with the all. Soon you will discover yourself to be a traveling companion of The Supreme Creator, filled with undiluted joy for the eternal exploration called Life.

So as the tidal wave of cleansing change crashes its might against the stubborn rocks of adversity, let us not forget its purpose. Let us not forget that our place of residence has been pushed beyond the limit; and let us not deny our role in the dire predicament that now confronts us as a result.

Let us step forth and take action in order to give further momentum to this great turning in the tide of history.

Yes, we are on the brink. But its a brink that proclaims the ending of one epoch and the unfolding of another. The dawning of what can ultimately transpire to be an extraordinary new chapter in the evolution of a species known as Man.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist, actor and writer. You can read about and purchase his acclaimed books ‘Changing Course for Life’ and ‘In Defence of Life’ at www.julianrose.info