The Battle of Brexit

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What’s Actually Going On?

In 2016, under Prime Minister David Cameron, UK citizens were offered a referendum in order to decide whether or not the UK should stay in the European Union, and continue to have most of its affairs run from Brussels.

The result, as most know, was that a majority voted in favor of leaving the EU. 17.3 million voted this way.

Cameron unknowingly committed political suicide by allowing the referendum to take place; as he – and his advisors – were convinced that the majority would vote in favor of staying in the EU.
So began the saga called ‘Brexit’.

A new Prime Minister was chosen by the Conservative party, Theresa May, ex head of the Home Office. May was seen by her cabinet colleagues as best able to negotiate the terms involved in leaving the EU. However, no country has ever quit the EU before, so there is no precedent for what the precise procedures will be.

But what we hear, is that it will take a minimum of two years to achieve, and that around 50 to 70 billion pounds will be the price to be paid for liberty. What we also know is that, to enable the transition to take place, the government has to adopt the entire EU rule book as part of British law, before then being eligible to take out those rules that the country decides in doesn’t want to adhere to! A truly bizzar concept – and a strong hint that something else is actually going on here.

Brexit is to be found on the front page of the national UK press almost daily. It is, in spite of the referendum victory for the ‘leave’ proponents, a highly controversial situation. One which has been revealed to be extremely complex, largely due to the fact that the entire divorce proceedings have been left in the hands of bureaucrats from both sides of the English Channel.

What are the motives for imposing the various conditions that these faceless clerks are imposing on the process? Who is actually behind this agenda – pulling the hidden strings?

There are significant numbers of UK citizens who don’t want the UK to go through this divorce. They are headed by some powerful media oligarchs and big business interests. These ‘stay’ proponents are using their considerable fire-power to try to persuade the nation that the UK will suffer serious economic decline, should the full exit be achieved.

They have recently revived ex Prime Minister and war criminal, Tony Blair, to lead their cause. Blair, you will remember, was the one to insist that Iraq had a hidden cache of weapons of mass destruction – and that Saddam Hussein was lying, saying that his country had no such weapons.

We shouldn’t need to remind ourselves that the entire horror of the invasion and military destruction of Iraq was predicated upon a fabrication of evidence concerning the existence of these weapons, at the insistence of Tony Blair and George Bush, the then US President.

So The Battle of Brexit rages, day in day out. But it transpires that all the supposed in-fighting and negotiation procedures with Brussels, are, in all likely-hood, a smoke screen. A smoke screen for something far more devious which is going-on just under the surface.

What is this unseen devious activity?

The activity to which I refer relates to the current ramping-up of the imposition of a totalitarian ‘European Super State’ on all EU member states.

As I explained in ‘A Totalitarian Europe Now On Our Doorstep’, a significant element of this imposition, is a an inter EU membership agreement known as PESCO: ‘Permanent Structured Cooperation’. PESCO is a European wide military unification programme, designed to bolster the power of the bloc and, in partnership with NATO, act as a new strategic force to challenge ‘Russian aggression’. One of the most over-hyped scare stories of 2017.

The UK has the largest military defense unit within Europe. A European wide ‘One Army’ cannot do much without the involvement of the UK’s military.

What has been taking place ‘under the surface’ of the supposed Brexit deal, is a secretive negotiation, led by Theresa May, to pave the way for the British armed forces to be amalgamated into the new Single European Army. An army whose leadership is presently moving into the hands of French and German military command; with Germany likely to come out on top, as the main controlling agent once plans are completed.

England’s exit from the EU, in order to be effective, cannot be achieved if its armed forces are no longer capable of defending its status as a Sovereign Nation State. And this will be the position if Prime Minister May completes the negotiation process before anyone in England wakes-up to what is really happening.

Already, the Royal Navy has been run-down to levels unseen for decades. The air force has also been weakened and the army has shrunk by 30% in the past ten years. Some of this is due to government cuts in military spending, but mostly it is directly attributable to to the ‘selling-off’ of British defense forces to the Brussels military unification programme.

The current head of this programme, Federica Mogherini, who is also Vice President of the European Commission, stated in a recent interview in Brussels, that the new army would be a “Credible security provider worldwide” and added “We are looking for possibilities to deploy one of our battle groups.” An ominous threat indeed and further indication of global control interests.

How can the United Kingdom become an independent nation once again, if she has almost no army, navvy or air force to protect her shores?

Which causes one to ask: Is Brexit real? Or is the nation being sold-out – with Britain, far from freeing itself, becoming ever more tied-in to the Brussels globalist agenda? An agenda concerned with building a New World Order, comprising – as one of its key attributes – a supranational centralized European Union acting as ‘The United States of Europe’. And in the process, wiping-out the existence of the Sovereign Nation State from the political and geographical map, altogether.

The totalitarian train is advancing down its preordained track, and it is clear that the result of the referendum posed a significant threat to this process. A threat which the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros and Netanjahu power cabal, could not allow.

With the process of European military unification now well advanced, the Superstate is set to dwarf its component parts. Already the establishment of a ‘One Europe Treasury’ promised by President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, will centralize EU member state’s fiscal procedures, secret service and police operations, and now each country’s military as well.

One can see why Brexit couldn’t be allowed to happen. Britain’s military is needed to support the totalitarian state, not to protect the sovereignty of the British Isles.

There is no Brexit. It is a sham. But the majority of British citizens have failed to notice the two-faced manipulations of their Prime Minister. Those who voted ‘leave’ still believe that England will quit the Union and, amongst other things, be free to negotiate new trade deals with the rest of the world, as of old.

The coming year will reveal what course of events predominate. But with cracks appearing in European Union unity, and a growing number of nations questioning their commitment to the technocratic cabal leadership in Brussels, there is a growing sense of unease spreading through the kingdom of the current rule makers.

2018 could be the year in which the tide is turned. Turned in favor of a growing rebellion against the imposition of centralized slavery by a one point control system. A system imposed in order to support the further agrandissement of the blood-line family elites who cling-on to their despotic power bases across the world.

We, ‘the people’, are now discovering that we have the powers necessary to put an end to our mostly self-imposed slavery and to go forward driven by the spirit of creativity. I say ‘self imposed’ because we have, wittingly or unwittingly, allowed ourselves to be manipulated by those who seek supreme control over the planet and its peoples.

The first step in bringing about change for the better, is to finally cease allowing ourselves to indulge in this slavish form of self deception. Courage to all in 2018!

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, actor and international activist.
He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. Julian is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defense of Life, which can be purchased by visiting . He has just completed his third book ‘Overcoming the Mechanistic Mind’ for which he is currently seeking a publisher..