Is the UK Being Hard Wired to the Fourth Reich?

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Are We Witnessing the End of the United Kingdom as an Independent Nation State?
Ever since ‘the wrong result’ occurred at the referendum launched by then Prime Minister David Cameron, a fiasco of unprecedented proportions has been taking place in British politics. It is a depressing and, owing to the pathos, a tragi-comical spectacle.

However, there is nothing comical about the direction things are moving in, but there is something tragic. The UK is being hijacked from within and without, simultaneously. The pretext for this dissolution of everything that holds the country together as an Independent Nation State is the collusion between leading figures in the British Civil Service and leading figures in the European Commission. That collusion is symptomatic of the technocratic march towards an ever more centralised European Super State.

Because of the complexity of the surface Brexit story, which plays-out it’s contortions on the front pages of UK press day after day, I’m going to concentrate only on the key issues that remain largely hidden due to this orchestrated media smoke screen.

Britain’s civil service once held the reputation of being largely true to its traditional role of transcribing into law the decrees of State. British Civil Servants acted out of a long established tradition to make their priority ‘the representation of the people’. The institution, which essentially acts as the first call in public administration, is historically structured to be independent of government.

However, in recent decades, as the pressure of the ‘corporate will’ has gained an ever stronger influence over government policy, the civil service also fell victim to internal slippage – and a tendency to keep a covert ear open to the corporate cabal. As most of us know, the interests of Big Money and Big Banking are essentially united in wanting to expand their empires into ever more powerful dictatorships – and this makes them central to driving the ambitions of A New World Order in which purely material power gives those at the helm the authority to act as despots. Certain civil service operatives have recently started believing that they also have a right to a stake in a position at the top of this authoritarian pyramid.

After Prime Minister Cameron’s political demise, Theresa May placed herself as the chief architect in negotiating a Brexit deal with the EU. She had behind her the 17.2 million UK citizens who had called for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, demanding an exit strategy to be settled and put in place without delay. May was not new to the politics of power, as head of The Home Office she was also in charge of national security and familiar with the workings of MI5 and MI6. Now, as Prime Minister, she inclined to listen to the voices of those dealing with international relations and foreign strategy, rather than the elected members of parliament to whom she is expected to report and consult.

Those ‘remainers’ who see the key power base of the future as an expanding centralisation programme centred around a supranational body of technocrats based in Brussels, put out a heavily financed call – that to quit the EU would be a disaster. Particularly for the economy, they claimed. Who are these figures? No doubt the likes of George Soros and fellow big-time financial henchmen who back the technocratic institutional road to power as the surest way to achieve their hegemonic goals.
Brussels had already produced the perfect template for technocrats to assume absolute authority. The EU has, since its inception, been a project to covertly create a federation run by unelected civil servant-style bureaucrats, cleverly disguised as an economic instrument for uniting Europe around common financial interests. Its early leaders include Walter Hallstein a leading ex Nazi who envisioned the European Union as a direct extension of the Third Reich: A Fourth Reich. The Bilderbergers were then responsible for concocting the poisoned formula that is intended to eventually do-away with nation states altogether, putting in their place a supranational authoritative body with total control over all aspects of civilian and military life.

With ‘Stay’ (remainer) voices shrilly supported by the majority of the mainstream British press – owned by just one or two well known media magnates – the dream of the UK being hard wired to the heart of the Fourth Reich was given enough impetus to present a direct challenge to the will of the British people, who had voted 52% to 48% to quit the European Union. A project conferred upon them by Prime Minister Edward heath back in 1973, with no consultation process being involved.

Theresa May has become a kind of mesmerized zombie within this high stakes battle for the fate of the British Isles. Her heavy reliance on the Cabinet committee and closed ears to parliament, has isolated her from the supposed ‘democratic process’ which is meant to be relied upon to resolve such a situation. Furthermore, she has shown a clear deficit in patriotism in her dealings with Donald Tusk (President of the European Council) and Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission), who have made it clear that the UK will not be allowed out of fortress Brussels except on terms that suit the grandiose plans of the federal superstate.

Since these terms already involve the UK being (by treaty) locked into all regulatory controls emanating from Brussels, both before and after any ‘withdrawal’, it looks like game, set and match to Brussels regardless of what gets ‘agreed’ and signed up to on paper.

Whoever is pulling the strings that see Theresa May constantly pinging to and fro’ between London and Brussels on her supposed ‘negotiations’ with Tusk and Juncker, has got a plan which, if enacted, will play a critical role in bringing about the end of the UK as an independent Nation State’. That plan is called ‘EU Military Unification’.
Military Unification follows the edicts of the New World Order script by establishing a ‘One European Army’ able to exert its military influence at the behest of the technocrats in charge of EU home and foreign policy. Its stated aim is to bolster NATO in counterbalancing the ‘aggressive’ powers of Russia and China – which are always conveniently painted as ‘aggressors’ in spite of the fact that no evidence is available to validate this label.

But the under-text of this ‘military unification programme’ is considerably more sinister than the by now standard vilification of the Eastern super powers. It is coldly designed to strip the UK of its military strength by subsuming its army, navy and air force into a ‘One European Army’ under the command of foreign military personnel. And, at the time of writing, it looks as though the high command of this army will be headed by German Generals; although France is also pushing hard for the number one spot.
The sheer travesty of this EU heist for technocratic control of another Country’s military defence capabilities, is electrifying. It is at once both deeply sinister and alarming and suggests that the Fourth Reich is indeed close to becoming operational in Europe. Yet it cannot become so without the UK military – since the UK has the largest and best trained army in Europe.

Suddenly the whole game freezes into one starkly strategic ambition: to render the UK – and it will be true of other nations too once the precedent is set – a vassal state under the dictatorship of a despotic centralised regime moving ever closer to the totalitarian New World Order model planned by secret societies and carefully disguised elite clubs of hegemonic 21st century empire builders.

Already the forerunner of full ‘EU military unification’ is to be seen in action. In France, there have been many claims that foreign military police have been drafted in by Macron in order to take a strong line with Yellow Vest protesters. The reasoning is that, being outsiders, they will be able to be more brutal with French nationals without feeling bad about it. What a sick idea. But in taking such a line one can see how a European military/police unification process can be used to suppress individuals – in any part of Europe – attempting to kick back against oppressive leadership.

Back in London, Mark Sedwell, head of the British Civil Service, sits in an ornate regal chair in Westminster – and with a wry smile declares himself to be ‘King of the United Kingdom’. The Prime Minister recently authorised Sedwell’s present position as head National Security Advisor, head of the Cabinet Office and head of the Civil Service. If one ever needed proof that civil service boffins are shedding their traditional roles as ‘answering to the will of the people’ and are instead occupying the front line of UK policy makers – this is surely conclusive evidence. Civil Servants, according to Brian Guerrish, lead presenter of UK Column News “are the new oligarchs.”
The United Kingdom is in deep trouble. Brexit is a sham. A deception of the highest order. The Country’s very own Prime Minister is involved in an act of treason, selling the nation she was elected to defend and to direct according to the will of the people. While down the road at Buckingham Palace, the Queen of England, titular head of ‘Her Majesty’s Armed Forces’ and sworn defender of the United Kingdom as an Independent Nation State – sits passively on the side lines – seemingly unmoved by the fact that her kingdom is being auctioned-off and rendered impotent, right in front of her eyes. Rendered impotent and defenceless.

You might imagine that The Queen of England would, by now, have called the Prime Minister to the Palace and told her – in no uncertain terms – that this is a bridge too far. But no. All is silent. Eerily so.

Back in parliament, MP’s of both the ruling Conservative party and the opposition Labour Party, also remain tight lipped when questioned if they are aware that the nation’s military defence is being disbanded in favour of a realignment with an EU military unification programme. Are they playing ignorant – or are they actually ignorant?
Using the infamous technique of divide and conquer, citizens of the United Kingdom are being goaded into ‘taking sides’. Neither ‘solution’ (to leave or to stay) reflect much clarity of thought. This is due to the fact that a significant majority cannot comprehend the details of the spurious arguments the national press put forward. Not surprisingly, since there is a great pall of obfuscation being deliberately injected into the whole process in order to produce the sort of chaos which will allow the the hidden government or ‘deep state’ as it is known in the USA – to sneak through its strategic agenda for achieving a further turning of the screw in the direction of a One World dictatorship.

As if to compound the Huxleyan agenda, the very same cabal is pushing 5G WiFi forward as the ‘solution’ for a one world electromagnetic microwave grid to survey and influence the behaviour and health of every single person on the planet. This ubiquitous ‘silent weapon’ is to be the power source for ‘the smart internet of everything’ and precursor of a robotic age in which microwaving and mind controlling of populations is callously and indiscriminately performed in the name of the maintenance of ‘law and order’.

However there is resistance to universal despotism. Growing resistance. Growing in direct response to all attempts being made to snuff it out. The great Brexit deception is being exposed for what it is as more and more people witness the hard edged controlling hand of the EU at work against any non conformist elements making a stand for another way of doing things. Witness the EU at work in support of Macron’s imperialist leadership of France; in the suppression of of an independent Basque State; in the cold economic suffocation of Greece and the blocking of the new government of Italy and its reassertion of the values of Nation Statehood. Witness also continuing EU support for US led military invasions of foreign countries and the backing of US troop and armament installations in Poland and other Eastern European Countries.

Those who can think are increasingly on the side of a ‘peoples resistance movement’ and initiatives that expose the top down heavy-handed militarisation of once democratic countries. We are witnessing a remarkable global upsurge of humanitarian calls for a completely new paradigm of socio-economic and environmental reform – a revolution in the way that the wealth of the planet is shared and distributed, including an end to brutal imperialistic wars that are destroying everything of value and sanctity on this precious planet. The top down New World Order design model envisaged by Bush, Cheney, Blair et al. with its post 9/11 hegemonic charge into the Middle East and beyond, is teetering on the brink. While the emergence of a diametrically opposing ‘new world order’ is fermenting a bottom up resurgence of people power that, once it reaches critical mass, will depose the old criminal order once and for all. It comes down to a race against time.

As regards the UK’s future in or outside the European Union, I’ll leave you with the telling words of professor Gwythian Prins “The people have chosen the outer world. The officials and the May cell have chosen military EU. This is absolutely the wrong choice. It is therefore an inescapable fact that the Orwellian non withdrawal documents pose a real and present threat to UK national security in the most fundamental way possible.”

Brexit is undoubtedly a huge wake up call for a very large number of individuals in the UK, in Europe and beyond. What is playing-out is highly significant in all respects. It comes down to a case of accepting indefinite slavery to an empire building totalitarian technocracy or finding the strength of imagination and purpose to create and uphold a society of responsible, community conscious, independent and freedom loving individuals, able to set a just and sane course for humanity as a whole. Let us make sure that our voices and actions are fully aligned with the latter outcome.

Julian Rose is an international activist, writer, organic farming pioneer and actor. In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi. He is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life and is a long time exponent of yoga/meditation. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ comes out in June. See Julian’s web site for more information and to purchase his books