Tackling the Illegality of the 5G Roll-Out

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Breaking Subservience to False Gods

Our planet is in the hands of false gods. Fake gods. So that everything over which they preside is tainted by falsity. It is a position which underscores institutions, industries and political agendas from one end of the planet to the other.

So when one arranges to meet with local, regional or central government authorities and officials, in order to press home a deep concern which is not being recognised or respected by those whose responsibility it is to investigate and take action, nine times out of ten one simply finds oneself confronting a handed-down clone of the fake god sitting on the top of the pile.

This, unfortunately, is the true nature of 21st century ‘democracy’ in action. Question the lack of genuine people representation on display and one is told one is fortunate to have been offered a meeting at all, never mind an outcome.

It is within the stiffling parameters of this type of reception that many of us engaged in actions to Stop 5G, are attempting to press our local/regional authorities into taking a responsible position concerning the health and welfare of their constituents – and finding ourselves essentially stymed.

At the top of the pile the fake god has already made up his/her mind that ‘the buck must be passed’ and no responsibility will be taken – full stop. And on the specific matter of 5G „Well, you can’t turn-down a good deal when it’s placed right in your lap, can you? I mean, the telecoms are dripping in money – and we’re always short of funds – not to mention my own earnings” says the false god, privately.

In the meeting room below where the false god sits on his throne, two or three institutionalised clerks dutifully await the end of the plaintif’s explanation of why 5G is far more dnagerous than any of us might at first have thought. How its pulsed millimetre microwave transmissions have been recognised by over 10,000 scientists as constituting a direct- and indeed lethal – threat to human health; and how empirical evidence has indeed proved this to be the case. Not only this – the plaintif persists – but the natural environment, animals, birds and insects are equally in the toxic firing-line of microwave radiation coming from multiple numbers of untested and unrequested transmitters.. „therefore we must be alert to this unprecedented threat to our community, at least until a thorough examination of the matter is carried out”.

Silence. Some feeble shuffling of papers. A sideways glance or two – then the fake boss-god’s fake under boss undertakes to clear the air „Any telecom communication’s technology that we choose to accept in our constituency will be in line with the legal norms of the INCIRP”. Pause. „We do not have the authority to questions the pros and cons of such systems, that is a matter for those who set the standards and publish the quidelines.”

Not surprisingly, one sees the false god’s values being regurgitated in those who simply ape the fakery at all levels of the pyramid. It is ‘standard procedure’ and is rarely transgressed.

However, just occasionally one does find a chink of light in the clerical armour; a secret sympathiser perhaps – that offers the opportunity of penetrating a little further into the fortress of falsification of facts. On rare occasions one even gets to the top floor, whereupon the glass bottles of spring water appear, tea and coffee are offered and a ‘charming’ senior assistant is sent out to deal with the essentially unwlecome guest. He/she smiles benignly, feigning an act of sympathetic understanding for the weary activist.

„We have read your letter and accompanying material carefully and recognise your concerns” is the initial response, briefly raising hopes that the contents might have actually penetrated the surface and lodged in the neocortex „however, we have no jurisdiction over the placing of transmitters or over the matter of any public health concerns that might arise in certain instances. We might suggest that you write to the Minister of Digitalisation and Sport should you require any further clarification in these matters. We do appreciate you showing concern and can assure you that your remarks have been carefully noted by the relevant officer.”

You see, the false gods know their stuff. In many respects they are true masters of deception. Well trained. A bit clumsy at the local level perhaps, but more and more sophisticated as one gets closer to the inner sanctum of government and industry. Behind the veil at the top end are some very hard nosed crooks indeed who, while switching on the charm, mean exactly the opposite of what they say. The British variety are masters in this!

So, how to get beyond this wall of denial?

For those of us working on various levels of Stop 5G activism, this is a key question. Confronted by a barrage of stone-walling at the regulatory level, we are faced with the challenge of finding just enough of a chink in the state armoury to get a proper litigation case together; one that would prize open the current obstructions and put the perpetrators of the essentially illegal 5G roll-out in the dock. There are now a plethora of such challenges nearing a state of readiness in a number of European countries and in the USA.

While activities on this level are intensifying, one cannot rely on a break-through taking place in the near future. The false gods also run the justice system. Almost all legal judgements apart from those emenating from Common Law, are top-down weighted. So, while one (quite rightly) pursues the litigation path of action, there is an equal necessity to work relentlessly on one’s own local community, raisng awareness – while steadilly collecting a small army of Stop 5G supporters ready to stand firm in their commitment – to prevent preditory telecoms gaining access to their territory.

This is the true battle ground of a more profound change. Because in explaining and sharing the explosive truth of what 5G actually is, one cannot avoid touching on what 2,3and 4G also are. In reality they are all secret weapons whose dangers have been known to their inventors fom the outset. 5G is simply the ‘crown jewels’ of covert killer technologies, with an indiscriminate breadth of fire-power that takes-in not just human beings, but the natural environment, animals, birds and insects, as well as the ability to corrupt the very DNA of life itself.

Gaining recognition that all forms of wireless microwave transmissions, including – and in particular – WiFi, have a deletarious effect on the health and welfare of those who use them (and on those who don’t) can be the key breakthrough to ushering in a major reevaluation – of not just one’s choice of communication medium, but also the potential of a major life-style change. It can mean the difference between implicitly placing one’s trust in the false gods who run the show around which our lives revolve, to grasping the necessity of taking control of our destinies and thereby breaking the chains of slavery to the system.

Those working ‘on the ground’ to prevent 5G from becoming established in their surrounding neighbourhoods, are faced by the often daunting task of needing to explain to their neighbours that to purchase the latest and fastest electromagnetic gismo is not in their best interests, nor those of their family. That ‘smart phones’ aren’t smart and that the nearest mobile phone tower is not a friendly icon of the age of convenience – but a continuous purveyor of toxic electro smog. And of course, that 5G is quite simply a permanent huge red light.

The only way to do this without appearing to be a typical hypocrit, is to show that one believes one’s own words and has acted upon this belief. This translates as ditching one’s mobile phone. Stop 5G activists who have achieved this status are the true pioneers of a future freed from the perpetual and ubiquitous spread of a toxic blanklet of deeply intrusive microwave pollution.

Those who haven’t yet taken this step, but whose developing knowledge makes them aware of the need, form the main army of active Stop 5G proponents at this time. Although compromised by establishing an unrealistic cut-off point between 5G and 4/3G, their efforts to stop 5G are vital in the overal scheme of things.

If the 5G roll-out can be blocked by the will of local communities and the success of one community bolsters the chance of success in others, and this knock-on process starts to roll across the land with increasing momentum, then we are in with a very real chance of securing at least one deeply meaningful victory for this planet’s pro-life forces of responsibility and sanity – over the anti-life forces of irresponsibility and insanity.

If this should be coupled with a famous court victory, leading to the start of a dominoes effect here too, we may well start to sense that we are on the cusp of a more far reaching turning point in the affairs of man.

False gods – beware.

Nota bene: 5G in space is not treated here – but will be tackled separately in the near future.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of organic farming, writer, broadcaster, international activist and holistic actor/thinker. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ has been acclaimed as ‘vitally prescient’ by readers and critics. See Julian’s website for more information www.julianrose.info