Poland Is Facilitating a US War Plan

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A Polish Resident’s Perspective on Polish/Russian Relationships

In a clearly politically charged turn of events, residents of Poland have been blocked from gaining access to the Global Research news site. I am currently a resident of Poland and have been affected in this way.

Over the last few months the Polish political elite has whipped-up a highly abrasive anti Russian anti Putin propaganda drive. This has resulted in a US/NATO orchestrated news media whitewash, having the goal of making it appear as though all ‘atrocities’ being perpetrated in Ukraine are at the hands of ‘barbaric’ Russian soldiers. There is no mention of AZOV neo-Nazi led internecine strife

while President Zelenski is portrayed as a swashbuckling hero.

Poland is following the US war plan and has been secretly training AZOV neo-Nazi fighters on its own soil for over a decade. Weapons with origins in the UK and USA are currently being funnelled through the country and over the border into Ukraine for immediate use by the AZOV Brigade and related militant groups.

Historically, Poland relationship with with Ukraine has, at best, been uneasy. A violent attack on thousands of Poles resident in Ukraine during World War Two, left an indelible scar on Polish/Ukraine relations which time has not completely healed. However, no mention is made of this bloodbath by the starkly pro Ukrainian Polish media – whose output echoes that of the global communications dictatorship – now under the control of just six corporations.

Poland fell into the hands of US hegemonic ambitions during the Solidarity trade union’s 1989 uprisings, when Jeffrey Sachs of the Chicago School of Economics infiltrated Solidarity discussions on the forming of a worker led cooperative to lead the nation out of Communism.

Sachs persuaded the union’s leaders to take a loan from the IMF in order to clear its debts, and the loan’s repayment terms subsequently bankrupted the country leading to a quasi-dependency on US support.

When I first came to Poland I was struck by the ‘Coca Colarisation’ of the culture; its seeming intoxication with ‘US is Best’. Something which has noticeably waned in recent years within Polish society. However, at the political level Poland is still playing poodle to US interests. Throughout the past decade a steady build-up of US missiles and troops has been the predominant military strategy, while Polish army recruitment and State financial spending on the military has been minimal.

NATO headquarters recently shifted from Northern Germany to Krakow in Southern Poland, adding to the sense that Poland is being used as a theatre for strategic Western military operations with the barely covert intention of surrounding Russia’s Western flank with especially sharpened sticks with which to spike the bear at short range.

Given Poland’s long history of occupation by belligerent foreign neighbours, known as ‘the partitions’, it is perhaps understandable that national sentiment concerning Russia is generally uneasy. However, when one observes the situation from a bottom-up perspective, both countries share much in common: they are Slavs – and in this sense are cousins.

The great tragedy of wars whipped-up by the self-interested dark cabal, is that ‘the people’ are out of the picture, their top-down indoctrination being relentlessly pursued by the ruthless global hidden-hand and passed on ‘verbatim’ by imaginatively bankrupt national governments.

Divide and conquer plus the fear factor, are once again being used immediately any sign of unity between peoples shows itself to be gaining momentum. Whereas, left to follow their own natural inclinations the people would come together in unity with no interest in attacking each other.

As the so called ‘refugees’ (Ukraine) pour across the border into Poland, President Zelenski maintains a relentless promotion of the fear which is the hallmark of the AZOV Brigade’s Nazi tactics. It is predominantly this that is causing the mass exodus of Ukraine citizens – and not the Russian army.

Kieve, and large parts of West Ukraine have not been militarily targetted by Putin, and while the press likes to spin a storyline of mass bombardment and beatings, the actual evidence for such has never been been proved.

My personal view is that a solution will be achieved only when the ‘Slav cousins’ recognise the ultimate commonality of their cultural, trading and humanitarian needs. Only then will Eastern Europe experience its true geo-political sense of balance and peace. And that sense of balance will be based upon long standing Eastern European intrinsic values – and not on a further enforcement of US led ‘coca colarisation’ and pugilistic neocolonial hegemony.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and holistic teacher. He is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. Julian’s acclaimed book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly recommended reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info