The Gospel According to Soul

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Who will come forth to speak-out?

To make plain the depths of denial into which so much of mankind has sunken.

Those that will shall forever live in the bosom of the Supreme.

They shall be fiery beacons that dispel the simian darkness cloaking this torn world.

Verily I say, it shall come to pass, that good men and women whose hearts remain warm and whose souls are true, shall rise up together – as one – and defeat the purveyors of fear, deception and war who hold this world to ransom.

Those who sit, abject, stupid and heartless on their sacks of sterile gold and lead the people into ever greater depths of despair.

Their days are numbered, for they breathe not the sweet air of love, but the stagnant air of hate.

And even in the final hours and days of their demise, will these cowards still cling to their lives, for the fear of truth sits deep within them.

Lo, on the very horizon whose crimson dawn now breaks apart the last vestiges of night, there rises a new breed of man.

I say unto you – that here is the force of Truth and nothing can block its passage into all arteries of this trembling world.

It shall caste asunder all those who stand in its path – and they shall prosper no more – but will be smashed on the poisoned pinnacles of their own vanities.

These days are near at hand. Even as the darkness appears impenetrable, the light is gathering.

The omnipotent genius of Life is now upon us.

Behold the great metamorphosis, for it rises within and descendeth from above – as the all is within the one and the one is within the all.

Gather yourselves together, oh sons and daughters of man. Fear not what standeth against thee, for that which holds the populace down cannot repress the awakening now at hand.

Only ye’ who refuseth the gift of life shall suffer the stagnancy of a death that offers no reprise.

Only ye’ whose choice is to answer to the cold hearts of godless despots have reason to fear for the future.

Only the engineers of disease and sickness to body, mind and spirit need tremble at the turning of the tide; for they shall be drawn out on the ebb and sink like stones to the depths.

Rise now, ye warriors of universal justice. Step boldly on the path of truth.

Raise your courage as a flag hoisted on the mast of freedom!

Be proud to give service to that which is greater than thee alone.

For it is written that all are joined as one in the eyes of the Supreme.

For not one whose heart is true can be allowed to fall while others rise.

Now is the hour. Do not turn to look behind. Do not crave again the feast.

The subtle surpasses the crude – the artist surpasseth the beast.

The culmination of all darkness has schemed itself into the psyche of man.

This is so. So it is.

Now man doth see his cowardly self reflected in the monsters that ruleth over him.

Verily I say unto you, seek not amongst the turgid drama for the self that will set you free, for it is not of that place.

Thy true self stands aloof, single, pure. It informs on the sweetest whisper of the wind, at the heart of the hurricane, in the calm pool of deep reflection.

Know it. Know thyself. For there in no other so blessedly gifted with the pure pulse of the Divine,

Julian Rose, author ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’