Whom the Gods Would Destroy they First Make Mad

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Yes, and this is exactly what we are witnessing today. It means that the chief oppressors of humanity are not about to claim victory in their lust for world domination, but are in fact heading for a crash and are blindly living out their final days.

Their madness is already on view to anyone who follows the antics of the despotic globalist regime so brazenly flaunting its self contrived stardom. It’s not a pretty sight.

Drunk on power and super inflated egos, these less than human humans stand as high as they can on the world stage to project their pompous profiles – only to reveal their true colours as obsessed psychotic war mongers caught in the web of their own morbid megalomania.

However these architects of central control are not alone in being sentenced to an inglorious end. The madness bestowed by the gods also falls on those passive couch potatoes who ‘look on and do nothing’, burying their heads in the sand so as to avoid having to stand up against the rank injustices that stare them in the face.

Then a similar madness creeps up on those who turn away from anything which disturbs their ‘faux spiritual’ retreat into a world of passive inner contemplation. The gods do not smile on such misuses of genuine spiritual disciplines adopted by true aspirants striving to evolve into conscious, active and responsible human beings.

There is no route to a higher calling which does not incorporate service to humanity and confronting injustice. To turn away from such basic responsibility is a form of soul suicide – brought about in the mistaken belief that by shirking a natural humanitarian responsiveness towards the collective welfare of mankind one can remain ‘undisturbed’ in moving up some invisible stairway to heaven.

Then there are those ‘apologist’ professional men and women whose all consuming ambitions lead them to unquestioningly play by the rules of the game, trampling on others in order to make it to the top.

Do the gods smile upon such cowardly behaviour? No, they will increasingly cause such individuals to suffer the inevitable pain that results from going against their better conscience, of being complicit in the cause of evil.

Such people will, unless they change their ways, also be subject to a creeping state of madness. One that corrodes away the natural sympathetic qualities that keep mankind responsible, humane and sane.

What about those who accumulate disproportionately high levels of personal wealth and use the great majority of it to feather their nests and further bolster their sense of self importance over others less financially secure?

What view do the gods take about those harbouring obsessions of material gain?

They cause such people to feel increasingly insecure; increasingly afraid of losing the velvet padded ease of their sumptuous life styles. Cut off from the world of real people, real emotions and real human affection.

Perhaps such bloated examples of excess cause the gods to pass a message across their field of vision, such as “It is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle”.

How tormented such mindless millionaires become by not being able to completely dispel the poignancy of such a message. How empty they feel inside, in spite of all their exterior wealth. How easily they get irritated by small things or any challenges to the worthiness of their indulgences.

Yes, an ongoing form of madness awaits those who who try to deny that their greed is in any way responsible for fanning the flames of social depravation, jealously and ultimately war.

The human race, is spite of what sometimes appears to be the opposite, is evolving. Evolving from crude to subtle; from brutish to sensitive. This process cannot be stopped, only delayed.

We are entering a time when the contrast between the light and dark side of mankind becomes increasingly stark; increasingly recognisable.

So you might think that church/religious leaders would be open receptacles for such rising spirit energies, finding the courage to speak-out loudly about blatant acts of destruction on this planet.

For example, about the horrific evils being perpetrated on the people of Gaza; the vile persuasions of high ranking paedophiles; child molesters and traffickers for profit. The two faced politicians heading for the Masonic Temples in the Halls of Westminster. The producers and distributors of Covid bio weapon jabs. The overall pandemic of deception and lying of the big corporate bankers and news media chiefs; of government ministers and CEO’s of hegemonic global institutions – those who take it upon themselves to claim the authority to control every aspect of other people’s lives.

Of course the list goes on and on and on…but do the ‘holy men’ of the Judeo-Christian tradition – or any other ‘faith’ for that matter – step forward to put a stop to such mass degradation of the moral, ethical and spiritual values of our world?

Certainly not. With a few rare exceptions, they hide away in their vestries and synagogues and turn their heads from taking any kind of responsibility for the world outside – or from displaying the courage to practice as they preach.

The gods respond by publicly revealing these representatives of religious dogma to be fakes, parodies of virtue completely lacking any genuine spiritual convictions. Their particular variety of holy madness comes from suffering the indignity of being exposed as plagiarisers of the teachings of genuine spiritual masters while claiming the protection of their ‘holy church’ and of the State.

Such protection is generally granted, providing the bishops, priests and clergymen keep their side of the deal ‘not to get involved in politics’.

So now that we have dispensed with any lingering attachment to institutions falsely claiming to represent the will of God, we can turn our attention to the real issue: discovering in ourselves and encouraging manifestation of the true expression of our existence as reflections of an omnipotent

and omniscient Creator.

This is the only way of gaining sufficient inner resilience to rise above the essentially cowardly manipulators of manufactured darkness – and to finally overturn them.

Going head to head with the villains running this planet should not be a frightening prospect. On the contrary, it should be seen as a challenge to be fully embraced, coupled with a determination to develop one’s latent powers to become a spiritual warrior fully supported by the highest universal forces.

We have arrived at that point now, and there is nowhere else to go – nothing else left to do – other than enter into an honest confrontation with those who so cunningly vampire humanity’s God given powers.

Now we must finally break-out of the spell binding artifice of mass indoctrination that has been allowed to suffocate our fundamental freedoms, in exchange for the generally feckless adoption of an AI/IT ‘culture of convenience’. A spineless, superficial cul-de-sac of life which in turn opens a door to the techno-insanity of the Transhuman agenda.

No more! There is, at this very moment, a great ‘call to arms’ ringing out across the length and breadth of the planet. Respond to it we must. Rise up in unity we will.

Have no doubt that an extraordinary reversal of fortunes lies ahead. A gathering storm that will sweep aside all that which so desperately attempts to thwart the rising tide of human emancipation.

Human emancipation cannot be thwarted. A pulsating new dawn is gathering together its scattered radiances at this very moment. Who would not want to be party to paving the way for its dramatic appearance over the Eastern horizon?

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information www.julianrose.info