AI Is Starting to Scare People – and so it Dam’n Well Should!

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The Human Race is awakening to the possibility that it is invoking its own demise.

The word ‘race’ according to my dictionary means ‘the major divisions of human kind based on particular characteristics.’

But there is another meaning to the word ‘race’ of course, and that is defined as ‘competition to determine the fastest over a set course.’

This latter meaning seems to have replaced the former. Especially where a blinkered, tunnel vision view of the future has become hard wired to an artificial intelligence world in which everything is designed to the bespoke demands of left brain dominated computer nerds.

For these psychotic individuals, there is a race on to develop an artificial human entity essentially indistinguishable from a robot. A Transhuman.

Amongst those at the forefront of pursuing this techno-human vision are Professor Yuval Noah Harari, chief advisor to Klaus Schwab and Sam Altman, founder of Open AI/Chat GPT.

Harari’s vision is largely philosophical, tracing the evolution of the artificial intelligence boom and extrapolating from this an outcome of a cyborgian take-over of just about all work oriented planetary activity.

He generally sees this in the positive, believing a new species will emerge with the ability to access superhuman volumes of information and in this way acquire ‘knowledge’.

In a recent interview he stated “AI will make it possible to enhance and upgrade humans.”

Meaning – as we shall see later – upgrade them into being inhuman/non human.

Altman comes at it from the post silicon valley (called ‘cerebral valley’) perspective. Wikipedia states, as part of a longer revue “Altman co-founded Tools For Humanity in 2019, a company which builds and distributes systems designed to scan people’s eyes to provide authentication and verify proof of personhood to counter fraud. People who agree to have their eyes scanned are compensated with a cryptocurrency called Worldcoin. Tools for Humanity describes its cryptocurrency as similar to universal basic income.”

I’m sure I read that in Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited…

His company is already rushing ahead with the development of various high tech aids to government surveillance programs, age extension projects and instant text to image formulations.

Altman has come up with the proposition that just one man will shortly be able to manage a business with a turnover of $1 billion – no other staff required.

He is on the same page as Harari in stating “Such companies require an elite new species to run them.”

Stock market valuations of Open AI/Chat GPT reveal an astronomical growth rate, close to surpassing the net worth of Google and Microsoft combined.

That alone is enough to raise the hairs on the back of one’s neck.

It’s not my purpose to go into Altman’s or Harari’s personal ambitions, I simply want to show where their minds are and explore the psychology behind the surge in fascination with AI as well as look out for signs of a counter reaction to its accelerating dominance.

There’s no doubt that man has always had an instinct for material inventiveness and a fascination in advancing technological developments – coupled with a desire to make things go ever faster.

But this has now taken us to a place where, if what it means to be human is to be respected, one should dare go no further. Rather, one should be alert to recognising the need to select a reverse gear.

Flirting with designing a new species whose chief characteristics are the antithesis of those deemed to be the most beneficial for our higher evolution, used to be called ‘playing God’.

But this expression no longer seems appropriate, because what is actually happening is that the likes of Harari and Altman are ‘playing Devil’.

They are articulating and promoting the replacement of the spontaneous human qualities of love, compassion, pain and pleasure – with high-tech robotic states of mind that see no place for these deeply human instincts – and then they name this ‘progress’.

These cyborgian characteristics are modelled on the precept that human emotions are somehow primitive, blocking our ability to design an existence of completely controllable, frictionless, linear certainty.

No ups, no downs, no passion, no feelings – except what Huxley describes in ‘Brave New World’ as a state acquired after being prescribed the chemical docility pill ‘Soma’.

Thus the proponents of A New World Order/Great Reset can point to the fact that by manipulating human DNA, installing internal nanotech computer chips and using targetted EMF radiation frequencies to control mankind’s cognitive faculties – one removes the danger of any form of destabilising or rebellious influence ever becoming a threat to the smooth functioning of a sterilised and sanitised status quo (The Matrix).

This makes the idea of a completely predictable chipped and digitalised AI cyborg man the perfect fit for number crunching technocrats administrating the central planning department of the dark cabal’s Great Reset/World Government.

It also explains why Klaus Schwab can, with such certainty, announce that by following the diktats of the Fourth Industrial Revolution “you will own nothing and you will be happy”. Yes, because

the ‘Soma affect’ of DNA and brain manipulation mean no individual powers of resistance will remain!

It’s all connected when one joins the dots. And it is when such joining is finally undertaken that the scary factor suddenly cuts in – and providing it is functioning as it should – a biological impulse to reject such a scenario, takes over.

Consider this: The great global warming scam has been maintained at full volume for over two decades in order the make sure people can see no other solution for life on earth – than ‘Net Zero’. Thus daily life must conform to a series of dictatorial impositions designed to ensure a zero carbon future ‘as the only way to save the world’.

Soothing titles like ‘Agenda 2030 Sustainability’ and ‘Green New Deal’ have been invented to give the impression that this is a benign ‘greening’ operation for the assured benefit of present and future generations.

But ‘playing devil’ means reversing realities, a fiendish trick that those in charge of the Great Reset are well schooled in. Like the Nazi ploy of turning an Indian peace symbol, the swastika, into a symbol of repression and war.

‘Reversal’ is the chief destabilising characteristic of demonic entities.

So, can Green New Deal really be a benign ecological initiative to increase the biodiversity of the planet and improve food quality?

Only if you believe the following to be a description of such: covering the rural landscape with giant wind turbines and acres of photovoltaic panels; the eradication of farmers and their replacement with robots; farm grown foods replaced with synthetic GMO laboratory lookalikes; cows replaced with machines that produce GMO synthetic milk and petri dish raised medicinal meats.

So you see why the deep state cabal has to keep up a full spectrum dominance barrage of ulterior motive lies about why meeting ‘Net Zero’ is the all important issue of the millenium.

The transition to a Transhuman obviously requires a super-vast false flag indoctrination process to give it any chance of succeeding. One backed by the threat of fines; permanent AI surveillance tied into a digital currency; imprisonment in 5G powered ‘smart cities’ and long range attacks on the ability of the human brain to remain capable of clear thinking.

All this and much more, to squelch the threat of any possible rebellion or dissension from the rules put in place to force mankind to surrender to its carefully planned Net Zero eradication. Again, an agenda that replaces the human with an AI computer programmed replica species having no capability to express resistance.

All this forms the deep state agenda of The Great Reset. And its reasoning for the necessity of such actions is that there is no other way of terminating the existence of the benign ‘gas of life’ called CO2. No way, other than turning the human race into a well drilled army of the walking dead.

Should such an insane agenda send a shiver down one’s spine?

Well, if is doesn’t, then one’s assumed status as a human being must surely be in doubt.

If the inclination is simply to dismiss these warnings as some sort of exotic fantasy, consider the following prescient news item: a company called Aria Advanced Research Invention Agency has recently been established in the UK under the strap line ‘Shaping the Global Future’ and with the stated number one goal of ‘cutting the global warming threat caused by methane emissions from cows’. To be followed by ‘the development of genetically modified programmable plants’. Also as a means of cutting global warming, of course.

Need I provide any more evidence that the fake green fascistic agenda designed to ‘stop climate change’ was chosen to be the straw man essential for gaining public acceptance of the need to alter the DNA of nature, redesign the human species and depopulate the planet?

We were gifted the nerve guided emotional condition of fear as an early warning system for addressing a situation that is potentially perilous. Stopping in our tracks and taking a second look before proceeding.

Elon Musk and few others of similar standing, did momentarily get this message a few months ago.

Musk, himself a leading exponent of AI – wanted a task force to examine where artificial intelligence is going and whether it is already out of control.

The alarm bells have been ringing for two to three decades, but the rise of the crucial scary feelings are quite recent for most. They represent a last chance saloon – an emotional life line – and must be individually and collectively analysed and acted upon.

I would prioritise children as being the most urgently in need of protection from AI. The distortion and poisoning of their beautiful innocent minds with digital EMF powered virtual reality war game violence, toxic advertising and twisted sexuality, firmly belongs in the category of crimes against humanity.

And then the thoughtless – one might even say ‘careless’ – adoption of mass produced digitalised weapons of convenience (i.e the mobile phone) by what are supposed to be intelligent human beings capable of discernment and rational thought, requires the establishment of a new category of social and mental sickness.

But more important than this, is the need for those addicts to be sufficiently scared of what they are doing to themselves, others and the natural environment, so as to finally kick their habit.

It is not my wish to devote the majority of my writing in trying to scare people. It’s not as though there isn’t a bucket full of the preplanned distorted version going on under the auspices of the shadow government cabal.

I much prefer to encourage the extraordinary creative qualities that lie just below the surface of many millions of warm, humanitarian, pro-life men, women and children spread far and wide across this world.

However, I must articulate the nature of the dis-ease picked-up by my personal early warning system. The one that calls out for one to take action for the preservation of life.

It is because I recognise the existence of a collective unconscious vibrational energy which connects us all, that I believe readers will share my trepidations, foresights and deepest beliefs. After all, they are common to us all.

It is for this reason that we can and will overcome even the worst threats to our common futures. Rediscovering and rejuvenating our humanity, our love of life and our love for each other. And in so doing, pull the plug on the builders of monstrous, soulless, virtual realities devoid of all qualities that make life so profoundly meaningful – so incalculably precious.

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information