The Role of Thought Power in the Cause and Effect Dynamics of Global Crisis

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We are only just beginning to recognise the extraordinary power that exists within the field of our projected thoughts. The power to do good and the power to do harm.

We need to be aware that multiple interconnected streams of invisible energy carry our thought waves from one end of the world to the other; contributing to the overall psychic health or sickness of all sentient life forms.

The ‘thought manufacturers’ of the push for full spectrum dominance and central control within a New World Order/Great Reset, are fully aware of the power available to them through the organised projection of thought patterns.

However, by raising our levels of psychic awareness we can neutralise and ultimately overcome this covert – and increasingly overt – attack on our mental well being.

The key recognition which accompanies holistic awareness, reveals that within life’s manifestation

there is nothing that is not connected with everything else.

Although that is initially a difficult fact to absorb, it is an irrefutable truth.

Try to discover something that falls outside this paradigm – and you will surely be unsuccessful.

This is because, in universal terms, ‘creation’ involves a process of expanding diversification from a central causality event. As when one drops a stone in a pool of water the resulting ripples expand ever outwards.

We humans are a very recent part of this expanding life diversification process. Only around a million years old within a planetary evolution process of x billions of years.

The new kid on the block in terms of the evolution of the species and planetary flora and fauna, we therefore have much to learn about who we are and how we fit within the extraordinary kaleidoscope of life.

It is for this reason that we tend to find ourselves flailing around in confusion in an era when a multiple number of crises seem to be overtaking planetary life pretty much simultaneously.

Within a holistic/quantum assessment of what is ‘cause’ and what is ‘effect’ within times of crisis, it’s important to be aware that the state of health of man is reflected in the state of health of the planet (Gaia) and that state of health of the planet is reflected in the state of health of man.

Everything is connected and unfailingly cuts both ways.

For example, in Chaos Theory it is surmised that a butterfly flapping its wings over Central Park in New York, effects the weather in London.

While this is deliberately at the extreme end of believability, the physics of interconnectedness shows it to be not simply a dreamy delusion.

Each of our actions – and that includes our thoughts – have repercussions. Repercussions on ourselves, others, the natural environment and the universe.

Yet in our conversations we speak of things happening ‘in the outside world’ as though they are entirely separate and unrelated to us.

But when we poison our planet’s soil, water and air with toxic chemicals, EMF radiation, chemtrails, wartime explosives and discarded and non-biologically renewable rubbish, our living earth (Gaia) responds just as we would.

She succumbs to sickness, develops a fever and – sweating and freezing – tries to expel the poisons blocking her arteries and restore health to her biological systems.

Dr Imoto, using special photographic techniques, showed how water crystals take on different designs when the person holding the water filled glass expresses different thoughts and emotions: crystalline beauty when positive and a rectangular dark blur when negative.

Everything is connected to everything and everything is responding in kind.

The same process occurs, for example, within homeopathic medicines. A highly diluted element of whatever the form of the sickness is being displayed by the patient, is ingested and triggers an immune system response that helps to counteract the spread of the sickness.

It seems miraculous, but is entirely logical at the quantum level of existence.

Humans are endowed with the ability to direct thought power. We have all, at one time or another, had the experience of sending someone in need ‘positive thoughts’, or having them sent to us.

The energy transfer is on a very subtle level and in electrical terms may be no more than one watt.

But the thought vibration carries a crystalline dynamic (using the Imoto water image) and is picked-up by similar energetic nerve cells in the receiver. If not unduly inhibited, it can help provoke a cure.

But at the opposite end of the same spectrum exists a darkly exploited version of the same principle. All such practices can be used either to help or to impede human development. From thought healing to witchcraft.

The psychic condition of humanity as a whole can be destabilised by the directed power of military designed ‘thought weapons’, especially when organised into patterns that agitate at the subconscious level.

So while mass media propaganda and indoctrination exercises hammer us on the surface of life, we are also the recipients of unseen, unheard thought projectiles at a subliminal level.

Such techniques have now been weaponised to a degree unimaginable a few decades ago. But while AI and EMF frequencies are the tools of a digital cybernetic age, the principle of organic thought transfer remains the bottom line. The foundation which can be built upon either positively or negatively.

I don’t need to go into detail concerning the ubiquitous negative bombardment of the thought surveillance, mind programming and jamming secret service operatives currently attempting to block the rise of the higher mind, thoughts and actions of the best part of humanity.

There is a plethora of well articulated information available about this vicious war on mankind’s true aspirations and natural richness of being.

But I do caution my readers to be aware that these days, aside from your snooping mobile phone, your seemingly innocuous TV is reading your response emotions to the programme you are watching and directing such information back to the central control system to be used for whatever purposes are deemed fit.

My unequivocal advice: throw the TV if you have not already done so and do the same with your mobile phone. I dispensed with both more than twenty years ago and have never looked back.

We have this smallish time period left in which to change our way of seeing and doing things, so as to create a shield able to counter the deep state’s negative arsenal and to gain the power to rebuff all such satanic attacks on our deeper God given qualities.

We are, of course, hit on many levels simultaneously. But it is at the heart, mind, soul level that the greatest damage is being perpetrated. So it is at the heart, mind and soul level that we must now build up our greatest strength and levels of impregnable resistance to the onslaught.

Our ‘enemy’ does not have emotions as we know them. Psychopaths have no empathy for the human race, for humanity. That is why, for example, one sees cold blooded murder on such a devastating scale being perpetrated in Gaza.

Such criminals are already part robotic. The Fourth Industrial Revolution/Great Reset intends the replacement of sentient mankind by a sterile ‘designer’ race. What they term ‘Doing better than God’: The Tranhsuman project. They want their own kind in full control of all life on earth and beyond.

When faced by demons, we have only one ‘get out of jail’ card. Our deep and enduring soul. That which connects right back to the supreme nucleus of our existence, of all existence.

It is here that we store our most powerful weapon for fighting back against pure evil. It is from here that the vibrations come that turn muddy, dark waters crystalline and expansive. Here and the heart.

It is from here that we direct our positive thoughts and envision the world we are going to get on and build.

It is from here that the actions involved in removing the fake leaders from their dark thrones emanate. Vital actions, that are imperative for making the changes that must happen at the ground level in the here and now.

Actions specifically directed to defeat the source of destruction being directed at all sentient life forms, not only humans.

No fake ‘New Age’ spiritual hiding away in a narcissistic lotus leaf of supposed self preservation.

Get this power house going – and we transform ourselves into unstoppable spiritual warriors. And that spells the end of the demonic dimension that has hijacked this planet for far too long.

This transformation is not so difficult. Many would already be there, but for having lost themselves under layer upon layer of deep state, government and corporate generated garbage.

Fake religion, fake food, fake ‘warming’, fake ‘Green’, fake politics, fake media and fake sexuality, just for a start – and all for the diversion of our vital intention to be who we really are – and rise up in revolt.

Nowhere in this continuum is there absolute dark – or even absolute light. At both ends of the spectrum is a seed of the opposite state.

It is this seed, that when awakened, has the capacity to set the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction.

It is by daily nurturing positive thoughts and actions that we will spur on the light into becoming the dominant dynamic of the universe.

Being in a place of darkness is never final, there is always close at hand a road that leads back to the infinite light.

Now it is up to us to unite in preparation for a nobler life. In shared determination to achieve a long overdue victory for the true expression of our crystalline souls over the dark, chaotic distortions of our soulless oppressors.

If you are not already determinedly moving down this road, start today and keep going until the job is done!

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information