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The Whole Truth

Date: Saturday 24th September 2011 Location: Sheepdrove Organic Farm Eco-conference Centre, Lambourne, Berkshire – near Junction 14 of the M4 motorway, transport provided from Didcot Parkway train station. Sir Julian… Read more »

Deep Horizon

‘The Shark Within Us’ An early satellite image, when scrutinized carefully, revealed a shark. Partially curled in on itself, as if suddenly caught in a diving turn, emergent in a… Read more »

Atmospheric Geoengineering

Julian Rose Many of us have had our suspicions concerning the advent of unusual cloud formations and abnormal jet trails forming in the upper atmosphere over the past decade. I… Read more »

The Super Market

Supermarkets present a very seductive picture to the consumer, but just under the surface it is a different story. Research carried out in the UK some 15 years ago revealed… Read more »