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The Challenge of Eternal Life

Eternal Life: a promise which has always seemed, well .. let’s say.. somewhat out of reach..
But then, whoever was it who told us that such a state might be attainable to Earth bound mortals?
I’m not sure – was it Jesus? And then, would any of us actually consider this sort of eternal life a blessing? I doubt it .. maybe more the opposite, especially if this life was viewed as the template for all lives to come!

But what if it wasn’t – and some bolder vision was able to take centre stage in our lives – what then?

What if talk of ‘eternal life’ was never supposed to be about human life alone, but to go much further and address the infinite power of the spirit which simply finds a passing home in our human bodies, on planet Earth. Seen in this light, our human bodies are the vehicles that both carry and are born along by the great spirit; and like all vehicles, they eventually wear out and are recycled. Yet the spirit carries on – eternally. (more…)