Climate Action Protests: Deep State Indoctrination

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On 20 September, hundreds of thousands stepped out onto the streets of the world’s cities to call for ‘Climate Action’. The great majority doing so, no doubt based upon genuine feelings of concern for the future of the planet and the stability of the climate. A concern that has its origins in a proclamation issued at the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Out of which conference emerged ‘Agenda 21’, now updated to ‘Agenda 2030’, which declares the need to ‘transform the world by fully embracing sustainable development’.

In turn, Agenda 2030 forms the foundation for current Climate Action/ Extinction Rebellion calls for A Green New Deal to replace fossil fuel powered industries by renewable resource based energy providers that will lead to a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ and the lowering of CO2 emissions to levels arrived at by United Nations backed Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To get to grips with how and why the present large scale actions are being fomented, by just a small number of very well prepared leaders, we need to go back to the first ever meeting of the Bilderberg Group in 1954 and particularly the subsequent 1968 meeting of Club of Rome organised by Aurelio Peccei, the prominent Italian industrialist and senior executive of Fiat.

Here the ground was laid for a plan to wrest control of world affairs into the hands of a small elite group of industrialists, bankers, lawyers, military strategists and royalty, who saw their role as being ‘keepers of the world’s environment’ and stewards of economic growth, coupled to a depopulation scenario and planetary management agenda involving a perpetuation of the hierarchical pyramid structure that would maintain a controlling influence over the wealth of all mankind.

Justin Walker, a British Green, whose uncle was closely associated with Aurelio Peccei, recounts how, in 1982, Peccei invited him to work in his office in Rome, stating that ‘it would be at a very exciting and challenging time’. Justin, editor of ‘New Chartist’, states in the present edition “His words were, and I remember them very well “We are creating a huge global environmental problem that will frighten people into wanting a World Government run by us.” Peccie then went on to elaborate as to how they were seeking to fund the research needed in order to unite the scientists who, in turn, would influence the national decision-makers into accepting this new scientific theory of increasing human-caused CO2 levels, triggering what has become known as Man-made or Anthropogenic Global Warming.”

I believe that this makes it abundantly clear that Greens (I use the term very broadly) are now under the direct influence of this corporate deep state vision. A vision which bears a resemblance to Hitler’s ‘natural and pure’ edicts concerning the environmental ethos of the Third Reich.

The scale of naivety of the vast majority of those marching through the streets with their various takes on ‘stop global warming’ , is seriously concerning. But we should be in little doubt that a few hand-picked leaders of Climate/Extinction Rebellion’s call to ‘break the law on behalf of saving the planet’ do at least know who their backers are. And when one joins the dots between the oft quoted ‘problem, reaction, solution’ agenda, favoured by the controlling hand of the deep state, it becomes clear that Aurelio Peccei and associates initially set-up the ‘problem’ (already described above) which produced the anticipated ‘reaction’ – ‘Help, the World is warming!’ Followed by Al Gore’s ‘inconvenient truth’ (convenient untruth) ‘the Arctic is melting’ – ‘the world is cooking’ – ‘the future is dire’. And then the preplanned ‘solution’ arrived at by the United Nation’s IPCC, to prevent ‘a global disaster’ by holding atmospheric CO2 levels at less than 450 parts per million. A solution supposedly arrived at by consensus of government named climate scientists.

There is a further ingredient in the master plan for global control; the phased introduction of chaos. So that the Eye of Horus ‘order out of chaos’ story illustrated on the back of the green back dollar, can bring into reality The totalitarian New World Order.

The master-minders of Extinction Rebellion are very keen on the widespread disruption of day to day life. Its leaders call upon ‘rebels’ to break the law, through non violent mass protest, leading to the break-down of democracy and the state. As the UK think tank Policy Exchange notes “Celebrities, politicians and members of the public have been seduced into believing that Extinction Rebellion’s methods and tactics are honourable and justified, which clearly they are not.”

Amongst those at the forefront of the Green New Deal ‘solution’ (in Europe) are Green MP Caroline Lucas, DiEM 25 leader Yanis Verufakis and Gail Bradbrook, co-leader of Extinction Rebellion. Joining them is Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labour Party and backers of the recently called ‘climate emergency declaration’ that activists have demanded authorities act upon.

Nowhere in the Green New Deal/Climate Action agenda is there any mention of the most blatantly human and environmentally destructive activities currently being fast forwarded on the planet: the illegal roll-out of 5G microwave radiation; the advancement of research, development and application of a new range of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and the ubiquitous application of atmospheric aerosol geoengineering on a global scale. All three of which, if allowed to proceed unhindered, will have achieved the ‘extinction’ of much of this world’s essential sentient life long before any heavily hyped IPCC invented climatic factors even enter the picture.

In the photos that adorned the media mapping of the Climate Action Protests of 20 September, is one of a boy holding-up a placard reading ‘Save the Planet – End Capitalism’. The actions do, of course, particularly target the young, which includes children. Greta Thunberg’s massively media promoted appearance on the ‘quit school – save the climate’ scene, has assured this.

Children, who know not what the meaning is of most of the statements they hold-up for the eager media, have been pushed into the front-lines of this vast indoctrination exercise. It is an especially devious act on the part of the organisers. Everyone knows how children ‘go straight to the heart’ of the great majority of those who who do not discern or research the contents of what they are witnessing.

How many of those parents and children would ever guess that they are, tragically, being used by the inventors and protagonists of ‘sustainable development’, Agenda 2030 and Green New Deal, to usher-in a ‘zero carbon’ world of 5G driven treeless Smart Cities, driverless microwave-pulsed toxic cars and microwave irradiating satellite weaponry aimed at the blanket covering of every corner of the earth.

Why would this all-too-real/actual agenda play no part in the mass protest movements dominating the headlines to day?

The most successful means of achieving the ends one wishes to enforce in the 21st century, is via ‘silent weapons’ of mind control indoctrination – and the most successful weapons for achieving this are mobile phones, WiFi and an all powerful telecommunications system.

There can be no Extinction Rebellion without a smart phone over which to text the organising messages that drive the military like precision with which these events are conducted. No cool young ‘rebel’ is going to forsake their cancer causing cell phone for the future of the planet. Of that, the organisers are very sure. Yet, this is precisely what is called for. The ‘real extinction’ made possible by advanced microwave radiation weapons, constitutes the biggest threat to our survival at this point in the history of the planet.

It is this avenue – the one of non-ionising electro magnetic ‘control and conquer’ enacted upon all living beings 24/7 – that is set to bring into being the barren sterile world that climate change proponents see as the end scenario of the Global Warming/Climate Change event, so well devised and put into affect by the deep state cabal more than fifty years ago.

We must all act together in ensuring this never happens.

Julian Rose is author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why humanity Must Come Through, now available from Amazon and Dixi Books. See for more information.

Julian is an international activist, writer, organic farming pioneer and actor. In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi.