Book contents

Contents of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems”

Chapter 1.  Back to the Beginning
Chapter 2.  Money and Economics – for the Benefit of All
Chapter 3.  Technology and Science – for Life
Chapter 4.  Agriculture, Environment and Rural Economy – the Foundations of Human Survival
Chapter 5.  Climate and Consumers – to Have or to Be?
Chapter 6.  Energy and Time
Chapter 7.  Time and Energy
Chapter 8.  Man and Animal
Chapter 9.  Art, Education and Spirit – United
Chapter 10. Youth Meets Wisdom
Chapter 11. Health and Medicine – Towards a Universal State of Balance
Chapter 12. Universal Law, Order and Justice
Chapter 13. Governments, Corporations and Globalisation
Chapter 14. The Transformation of Governments
Chapter 15. Greening the City – Jumping in the Deep End
In Conclusion
About the Author
Appendix: ‘Letter to Polish Farmers’

Total 160 pages: paperback.