Brutal Reality: Psychopaths Form Majority of Today’s World Leaders

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When one hears and sees Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, declaring the absolute supremacy of his Zionist tribe and its goals of ‘taking back’ the State of Israel – via the slaughter of any and all Palestinian ‘animals’ whose home land is the Gaza Strip – one is confronting face to face, a clinically insane individual whose medical condition, if it were to be officially assessed, would be described as ‘psychopath’.

In a properly functioning society such a person would be hospitalised and made to undergo special psychological and medical treatment, or would be sent to an asylum where he would not be a threat to the outside world.

However, we are not living in a properly functioning society. We are living in a time where those in charge of all the main arteries of global decision making are either sub human, clinically insane, or both.

This is not a situation anyone would choose as their preferred form of governance. But on the other hand, it has been permitted to come about due to a widespread abdication of the responsibility we all share, to deal with lies, deceptions and basic thuggery taking place much closer to home. And which, due to our failure to deal with them – now form an integral part of the globalist agenda shaping every aspect of our lives.

Failing to confront injustice in one’s own backyard is the same as failing to treat the early signs of a sickness in one’s body. The end result, in both cases, is to suffer far worse consequences down the road.

But now, like it or not, we are further down that very road and staring us in the face is a monster we have no way of hiding from.

A monster, I contend, that is at least 50% our own making. The outward expression of a fear of confronting inner demons – and an unwillingness to stand courageously in defence of fundamental moral values which constitute the implacable foundation stones of a sane society.

The other 50% of that which stands behind the existence of this monster, comes from something extra terrestrial hatched by outside forces beyond our immediate control. And outside the capacity of the majority of mankind to recognise or identify – and therefore fail to recognise as a real threat to their futures.

But two events of unparalleled significance have started to change this: Covid and Gaza.

Suddenly, right in the foreground, we witness figureheads holding high levels of office, mercilessly condemning hundreds of thousands of human beings to a life of highly visible depravation, agony and death. And this, with utter impunity and not a trace of guilt; but with an air of someone quite alien and possessed.

This is a state of deep psychosis. Someone suffering it can justly be described as ‘clinically insane’.

When the World Economic Summit and the Bilderberg club convene each year, the venue is filled with insane megalomaniacs discussing how to impose their rampant megalomania on the rest of us.

Their insanity comes dressed up in various guises of which the current favourites are

* Artificial Intelligence replacing human intelligence by 2035

* Artificial lab food replacing real food grown in soil by circa 2030

* ‘Net Zero’ carbon replacing oxygen by 2050

* The confiscation of our personal assets – so as to make us ‘happy’ – by 2030

* The removal of any degree of privacy, freedom of speech and human rights, also by around 2030

* A Central Bank Digital Currency to replace physical bank notes, by circa 2026

* War machines programmed to self select ‘enemy collateral’ at the push of a button, 2025?

After which time the ‘Transhuman’ AI computer cyborg entity is supposed to become ascendant – and real men and women pretty much obsolete. Except those useful as slaves and play things for the psychos.

This is only an abbreviated summary of some key points that, as most of us know already, the monster has in store for us unless knocked off course. I have outlined them in order to illustrate how the psychopath agenda has no basis in rational thinking, human empathy or any form of justice.

It is cold, metallic and schematic. It thrives on chaos, the blood of innocents and sacrificial offerings to Masonic and Luciferian extra terrestrial overlords.

Now, having digested this essentially indigestible Hieronymus Bosh portrait of the dire state of our planet, we need to consider what options we warm hearted humans have to get through this global ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and emerge victorious.

Facing us very directly in the Spring of 2024, is a major plank in the deep state totalitarian agenda – but also a unique opportunity for ‘we the resistance’: The WHO ‘Pandemic Preparedness Plan.’ We need to specifically put our best energies into ensuring the defeat of this planned fascist take over of human health.

Success here will constitute a huge set back for the architects of human suffering – and give us new momentum for further victories to come.

The WHO plan is ready to roll out should there be majority acceptance of its proposal to enshrine itself as the central controlling agent of all planetary health decisions.

However, in ‘we the people’s’ favour is the fact that we got a huge eye opening ‘initiation kick’ via the great 2021/22 Covid deception; all be it a tragic and ongoing one.

The rate of uptake of booster shots has declined dramatically in the last six months in almost all countries. There is a marked level of distrust and cynicism concerning official proclamations about what one ‘must do to be safe’. Cynicism is an essential part of breaking ranks with a captured status quo. We must now build on it – bravely and fast.

In store for us in plans being hatched by the combined pharmaceutical and military industrial industrial project – to be enforced by the WHO – is a threefold more drastic ‘lock down’ program than we suffered in 2021/22.

According to courageous activist Dr Bret Weinstein, closing the gate on 2021/22 errors of judgement by big pharma, will involve the redefinition of ‘a public health emergency’ and the re-mandating of the mRNA vaccine as the most effective weapon for dealing with the next human culling operation.

Additional remedies, reports Weinstein, will require citizens to endure ‘gene therapy technology’; a ban on the use of other medicines; highly restricted travel – and much more. All within the context of a general overriding of the constitution of individual nation states.

The psychos and their corporate henchmen are going all out to cut off a growing level of bottom-up suspicion concerning the motives of those in high office.

If the momentum of growing awareness can move up a notch and be turned into a significant scale rejection, our chances of an enhanced level of people’s resistance will be greatly increased and significantly strengthened.

The greatest danger to the realisation of such positive progress is what Weinstein identifies as “People’s willingness to expect to loose their rights when a health emergency is called.”

‘People’s willingness to expect to loose their rights’.

For the psychos, maintaining such a level of mass indoctrination is the key to moving their sick agenda forward and locking into place a global totalitarian regime which places mankind under permanent house arrest.

This year, 2024, could prove decisive in the battle ‘humans-v-psychos’.

Our task is clear: rip away the already decaying veil behind which hide our sickly tormentors, laying bare those who only know to deceive mankind into slavish submission to their demented prison camp.

Be bold, good people, we know we are gifted with the powers necessary to fight for that day when the light finally penetrates the darkness and we who honour and treasure our unique inheritance – burst through, declaring a glorious victory for freedom, truth, love and justice!

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information