Ecology, Meditation & Activism by Julian Rose

Go here to catch Julian’s inspiring talk at St James’s Church, London March 16, 2015.

The Spirit of Rebellion
Recorded on 16 March 2015
When the spirit itself rebels, we are on our way to experiencing what it really means to be ‘fully human.’ To be driven by a force which does not know the meaning of the two words “I can’t”. Life itself speaks through us as the spirit rebels and refuses to be cordoned-off into the cul-de-sac and denial that become our weapons of phony self-protection against everything that really matters.


The Whole Truth

Date: Saturday 24th September 2011

Location: Sheepdrove Organic Farm Eco-conference Centre, Lambourne, Berkshire – near Junction 14 of the M4 motorway, transport provided from Didcot Parkway train station.

Sir Julian Rose was invited to speak as a pioneering organic farmer, raw milk and GMO activist and author of Changing Course for Life

22 April 2008, Houses of Parliament, London


I thank you for the opportunity of speaking on this special occasion.

There could hardly be a more important issue confronting not just farmers, but the whole of society, than the subject of this meeting: how to grow adequate food and produce adequate energy without the aid of rapidly diminishing and highly polluting fossil fuels. And the reason why it is so important is because: this is not a concern for the future – it is the reality at this very moment. The transition from a 250 year old fossil fuel powered society to a genuinely sustainable renewable energy fuelled society is to be achieved in less than 25 years – if we are to avoid an ultimate meltdown of most of what sustains our present planetary ecology. That is not my prognosis but the increasingly broadcast view of the majority of professional climatologists from all around the world. (more…)